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Naftalan Baku
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If you think that vacation needs not just to be pleasant for your soul but also good for your health, buy a recreational (health) tour of the town of Naftalan (Naphthalan), one of the most well-known balneology resorts of Azerbaijan.

What is the Naftalan resort famous for? That is the only place with medical oil in the world. The history of the town started about a century ago, but over that relatively short time the resort has been visited by tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The resort Naftalan is located at the distance of 50 km of Ganja, in the environmentally clean area: pine trees are everywhere around, there is a picturesque artificial lake close to it, and you can have some comfortable rest at its bank.

Naftalan: therapy peculiarities

The main emphasis in treatment at the Naftalan resort is laid on the use of naphthalan oil, the efficiency of which in treatment of different diseases has been confirmed — both by the experience of thousands of the resort guests (who went home not just after rest, but healthy), and the results of 1,600 research papers. The therapeutical programs are based on the use of resin-free naphthalan, naphthalan hydrocarbons, naphthalan factions, which, in combination with ultraviolet and heat radiation, ensure the most effective treatment result.

Oil is also used for baths or ointment application. The bath course normally lasts for 20 days (from 10 to 15 ten-minute sessions per course). Besides naphthalan baths and ointment application, you will be offered a whole range of additional therapeutical procedures at the Naftalan resort — paraffin treatment, vibro- and manual massage, instrumental physiotherapy, underwater traction, therapeutic physical training, iodine-bromine baths, etc.

Naphthalan has proven to be effective in treatment of neurological diseases (it neutralizes inflammations and pain), musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, arthritis, extraarticular tissue disorders, in treatment of atherosclerotic vascular diseases, metabolic diseases. Besides that, oil is a perfect cosmetic remedy, which helps you get rid of urticarial fever, eczema, seborrhoea, lichen, psoriasis, bed-sores, furuncles. Finally, two weeks spent in Naftalan will help you forget about such problems as prostatitis, diathesis, allergy. It is very important that a strictly customized treatment program is designed for each patient after a careful examination. This enables to expect the best possible efficiency of the procedures taken.

On our site you can acquire a recreational tour of Naftalan and combine pleasant things with useful ones — derive pleasure from a rich, interesting vacation and get rid of many diseases, improve your immunity.