Vacation with children in the mountains Azerbaijan

Vacation with children must not only be interesting, exciting, but also safe. If you want to have some fun, spend some time with the benefit of your body and soul, and still be sure that no unpleasant surprises are coming during the vacation, choose the mountains of Azerbaijan: the best resorts of the country offer ideal conditions for family vacation.

To the mountains with children

The mountains of Azerbaijan are right what each traveler visiting the country should see. And one should not limit himself/herself to having a look at them only: on the mountainous Azerbaijanian slopes now there function two ski resorts well-known in the world. One may have some nice rest here at any time of the year and in any company, including with children.

What can the ski resorts of Azerbaijan, ‘Shahdag’ and ‘Tufandag’, offer little travellers?

  1. Safety. When the resorts were designed, special attention was paid to the safety of holiday-makers —comfortable ski slopes for skiers with different level of training, safe ropeways, experienced instructors: everything here is done for the vacation to be active and safe at the same time.
  2. A wide range of additional entertainment activities. At the ‘Tufandag’ resort there functions a centre for children, where your child will find some activity, being supervised by experienced carer. One will not be bored, that’s for sure. Besides that, there are swimming-pools, game rooms in the hotels of complexes.
  3. Ski sports training. Can’t your child ski? Trust experienced instructors who will not just help the kid to find his/her way around, but will make him/her love sports.

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