Types of recreation in Azerbaijan

The sea and the mountains, recreation and different kinds of treatment, beautiful nature and rich infrastructure of cities, local hospitality and original cuisine ... That is all Azerbaijan – a country where tourism development is paid close attention to, where everything is done to make your stay in it perfect.

The whole world is open to a modern person. But more and more Russians prefer to go to the resorts of the ‘Land of Fires’. There are plenty of reasons to choose Baku, Kaspiysk, Gabala or Naphthalan as a place of your destination. These are affordable prices for a holiday. These are comfortable hotels scattered around the coast. This is a long list of holiday entertainment options. The latter becomes crucial for many.

Rest in Azerbaijan ... is for all and for everyone

A tour of any area of the country offered by our company is your ticket to a fairy-tale that begins with the first minutes of your stay here.

Beach holiday. Comfortable sand beaches on which it is so pleasant to enjoy the warm welcoming Azerbaijanian sun and the coolness of the Caspian Sea. However, lovers of active holidays will not be disappointed either – you will find a rich variety of water activities: boat and ship trips, a ‘banana’ and ‘cheesecake’ trip.

Holiday in the mountains. Suitable not only for adrenaline addicts, but for everyone who wants to go beyond the bound of ordinary things. Private tourist resorts ‘Shahdag’ and ‘Tufandag’ constitute an inexhaustible source of energy and positive impressions. This is ideal for both a corporate holiday, and for family leisure – with a child.

Health-improving holiday . Across the territory of Azerbaijan there are numerous resorts which offer a variety of treatment programs, including the ones for children, both in winter and summer. The most interesting regions of the country in this regard are Absheron, with its mud volcanoes and lakes, and Naftalan with its therapeutic oil. However, other resorts of the country will also offer you well-designed and affordable treatment programs.

A trip to the ‘Land of Fires’ from Azerbaijan Trips: luxury affordable for everyone

Regardless of whether you like organized leisure pastime with every minute planned with precision, or you adore impromtu, the time spent in Azerbaijan will make you enjoy it. All the more that this all is offered to you at affordable price: the trip includes not just accommodation in hotels, but on our site you can also buy tours with excursion programs, with meals in the best cafes and restaurants of the country.

Summer and winter holiday in the ‘Land of Fires’ is the gravitation centre for pleasant emotions, impressions, it stands for picturesque photos, that is a real fairy-tale that may start in your life already today...