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Bus-walking tour to the ancient city of Sheki. «Sheki is a city of craftsmen and artificers».


- The tour is for groups of tourists or an individual tour.

- The length of the excursion route depends on the amount of excursion programs and your wishes.

- The trip can begin by the hotel or another place by arrangement.

- Excursion can be carried out in your own vehicle or one provided by us.


What is important to know about the excursion:

- Duration of the excursion (excluding travel time) - from 4 to 5 hours.


Our excursion to Sheki is a tour of picturesque places in one of the old cities of the South Caucasus where a variety of handicraft production, of high-quality silk manufacturing, and lively trade was developed. The city is rich in its history and has many monuments of cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.

During the trip you will take a walk in historical places, see the work of craftsmen in craft workshops, and visit the Winter and Summer residences of the Shyakin khans, built without a single nail and considered one of the most valuable monuments of the XVIII century. You'll also taste the famous Sheki halva.

 The beauty of nature, the diversity of the mountain landscape with numerous canyons, rivers and waterfalls, delightful valleys, alpine meadows and dense forests will make a huge impression on you.

The excursion program is filled with interesting facts and sights. Our specialist guide with great knowledge of history, geography, art, culture and rich work experience will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Spend your vacation with AzerbaijanTrips. We will be glad to deliver you the most vivid and positive experiences!


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Nara (08.09.2017)

Thank you for a great holiday, a wonderful behavior to us and their work! The managers of your company are very responsible. They offered good options and recommended a wonderful hotel. Before the flight they kept in touch with us on the phone, helped and advised. There was a feeling of care and kindness. P.s. By the way it turned out cheaper than in other companies



Oscar (26.05.2016)

I like to know something new and learn history of of different countries. It's a interesting and informative excursion. Thank you!



Daniel (04.05.2016)

Excursion was great! Shaki is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. If you want to feel the spirit of the East - you must come here. The palace is very beautiful and this unusual decoration is inside it ... Also good organization of tour, high quality of service and an excellent team! I will recommend to friends.



Kevin (15.02.2016)

Shaki has a unique spirit of the city. Eastern oriental motifs and history everywhere. I don't like to go a lot by bus, and it was a long way from Baku, But I was not tired, because our guide was a processional! He told many interesting things about Azerbaijan and answered our questions.

long transfer from Baku

  • Day 1
Shaki, Azerbaijan
Day 1


  • During the guided tour route you will visit and see:
  • - Historical and architectural sights of the ancient city of Sheki.
  • - The peculiar architecture of ancient houses and streets in the medieval part of the city, the districts of Gilehli, Yuhary Bash, Ganjali, Duluscu, Aghvanlar, Kögnja Bazar, Sharbabchi, Bagbanar, Dodu and others.
  • - Museums in the protected and fortified part of the town of Sheki - "Sheki Galasy":
  • The palace of the Shakin Khans ("Khan Saray", the house "Mushtaga", the summer residence of Hussein Khan "Mushtaga", the literary pseudonym of Hussein Khan Shyakinsky);
  • Museum of Folk and Applied Art in the Albanian Temple
  • Historical Museum named after R.M. Efendiyev in the former residence of the tsar's governor of the city;
  • - House-Museum of the Shakikhanovs - Winter residence of the Shakinsky Khans of the 18th century.
  • - Medieval inns-hotels "Ashagy Karavansaray" and "Yuhary Karavansaray", restored under the acting eponymous hotel of the XVIII-XIX century.
  • - Lunch time (not included in the price).Our guide will recommend you restaurants with ethnic cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • - Fortress “Gelersen-Geresen” VIII-IX century.
  • - Mosques and minarets of the city of Sheki:
  • The cathedral "Djumia" mosque of the 19th century. And maedrés in the center of the city;
  • Ancient Khan mosque, "Khan Metschidi" of the XVIII century;
  • Shiite mosque "Gul Gari", near the hotel "Yuhary Karavansaray";
  • Mosque "Omar Effendi" of the 19th century;
  • Minaret "Gedak", in the quarter "Agvanar";
  • Minaret of the eighth, "Sykkiz gyushali minarets";
  • Minaret of the mosque "Gilekhli", "Gyulekhli", "Gileil", XIII century;
  • - "House of Handicrafts" and a workshop for the production of national stained-glass windows "Shebeka", in the protected and fortified part of the city "Sheki Galasy" (in the quarter "Yukhary Bash").
  • - Craft workshops on the first floor of the hotel "Yukhari Karavansaray" and on the site of the Old Bazaar "Kohne Bazar".
  • - Specialized store of silk products of the local silk factory "Sheki-Ipek".
  • - Tasting Sheki sweets.
  • - Modern tourist complex, natural sightseeing objects: artificial ponds, springs, wooded mountain hills and a panorama of the gorge of the “Kishchay” River in the "Markhal" tract near the northern outskirts of Sheki
  • - Excursion in the village of Kish. Albanian Christian temple "Mother of Eastern Churches" in the village of Kish near the northern outskirts of the town of Sheki.


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