Guba, the pearl of the Caucasus

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Sightseeing tour of the Guba district


- The tour is for groups of tourists or an individual tour.

- The length of the excursion route depends on the amount of excursion programs and your wishes.

- The trip can begin by the hotel or another place by arrangement.

- Excursion can be carried out in your own vehicle or one provided by us.

What is important to know about the excursion:
The duration of the excursion (without regard to travel time) is from 5 to 6 hours.
The length of the route is about 150 km one way.


Our sightseeing tour will take place in the Guba region, which is famous for the amazing beauty of its mountain forest landscape, the amazing "Tengya" canyon, the famous Gechresh forest, and  the impressive waterfall at the mountain village of Afurdzha. We will visit the settlement of Fyatyalikhan, the former settlement of Krasnaya, or in Jewish Sloboda, a mono-national place where the unique traditions of the Azerbaijani Jewish people, also called the Mountain Jews, are preserved. Also we will get acquainted with the architectural sights and monuments of the late Middle Ages, and the ancient mosques of the city of Guba, which was founded in the 18th century and is the horticultural center of the republic.

The excursion program is filled with interesting facts and sights. Our specialist guide with great knowledge of history, geography, art, culture and rich work experience will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Spend your vacation with AzerbaijanTrips. We will be glad to deliver you the most vivid and positive experiences!

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Vano (18.05.2016)

It's really a pearl! The best group of tourists, the cheerful guide, the good driver - and the road seems not such long! Thanks for all!



Iren (06.04.2016)

It is a beautiful country with a rich culture and nature! The first time I was here in winter with my friends. We skied in the mountains. And I fell in love with the Caucasus and Baku! I was sure that I need to go back and look even more. So as soon as it became warmer, I bought a tour and came here with my friend. Unfortunately, I did not have good impressions about the company that bought the ticket .. I decided to take a chance and book an excursion in Azerbajan Trips and I am very glad that I did it! Thanks to all your team (manager, tour guide, transfer driver) - everything was fine!



Mohammed (29.03.2016)

We went with my wife for a weekend in Baku. And we visited this tour by the advice of our friends. I had never seen such a beautiful nature and so many nice people! I did not know that so many Jews live here and they have such interesting traditions. We highly recommend everyone to visit here!



Damir (15.03.2016)

It was my first time in Azerbaijan. And I am sure now I will return here again! I liked nature so much, everything is gorgeous. Everywhere we were met by friendly and hospitable people. The program of excursion was busy, but very interesting. Time passed very quickly! Thank you!


  • Day 1
Quba, Azerbaijan
Day 1


  • During the guided tour route you will visit and see:
  • - Memorial to the victims of the genocide committed by the Bolshevik-Armenian killing squads of the Baku Commune in 1918.
  • - A picturesque mountain forest road and the village of Gechresh.
  • - Exotic Tengin Canyon on the mountain river Valvalachay near the village of Tengya-Alta.
  • - Magnificent Canyon of the Gudialchay River, an attractive high Finger-shaped "Minar" rock at the eponymous recreation zone, an extreme zigzagging section "Dal-Gabag" on the mountain road "Guba-Khinalig".
  • - Settlement “Fatalikhan”, the former village of the Krasnaja or Jewish Sloboda. Mono-national place, where the unique traditions of Azerbaijani Jews, the so-called Mountain Jews, are preserved. Visit several restored synagogues.
  • - The ancient bridge over the river Gudialcai between the city of Guba and the village of Fatalikhan (Krasnaya Sloboda).
  • - Afurdzhinsky waterfall. Its height is 37 meters.
  • - Lunch at one of the local restaurants. Our guide will gladly recommend you typical ethnic cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • - Acquaintance with the city of Guba, local culture and life. Sightseeing of the most interesting spots.
  • - Cathedral 8-sided "Juma mosque" of the XVIII century with a new minaret in Turkish style of the XIX century.
  • - The mosque "Sakina Khanum", founded in 1854.
  • - Mosque "Ardyabil", built in 1897
  • - The Akhund Mosque, built in 1909
  • - Carpet factory "Gadim Guba"
  • - Workshops that produce famous Guba sweets "Guba pakhlava " and "Guba Bukmasy".
  • - Memorial to the Genocide victims of the Azerbaijani people of 1918, near the city Stadium.


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