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Sightseeing excursion to the historical and artistic and natural reserve "Gobustan"


- The tour is for groups of tourists or an individual tour.

- The length of the excursion route depends on the amount of excursion programs and your wishes.

- The trip can begin by the hotel or another place by arrangement.

- Excursion can be carried out in your own vehicle or one provided by us.


What is important to know about the excursion:

- Duration of the excursion (excluding travel time) - from 4 to 5 hours.

- The length of the excursion route is more than 80 km.


 In the world there are about 1200 mud volcanoes, 387 of them are in Azerbaijan. Here is located the highest mud volcano in the world, Dyurar-Kolan, and the most active, Lokbatan. Over the past 200 years, its erupted 57 times. Going to the southeastern part of the Nadgorje you will get to know large and small mud volcanoes, you can even go to the very crater and observe the eruption of liquid clay. The surrounding desert landscape will amaze you with the feeling of unearthliness.

The historical, artistic, and natural reserve under the open sky, "Gobustan", is one of the most vividly memorable places in Azerbaijan and is included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO. In its territory are the flat rocky peaks Beyukdash, Kichikdash and Jingardag, the hill of Yazyly. It was here that over 6,000 rock paintings, images, inscriptions, 20 sites of the primitive man of the Neolithic period, 40 ancient burial mounds, as well as an extinct mudslide in the Dashgyn tract and the active volcano Dashgil were discovered. In the vicinity of Böyükdash mountain there is a small museum and an excursion path leading to the main rock carvings and stone inscriptions in Latin. Today "Gobustan" is a unique heritage site in Azerbaijan which has the status of a monument of world significance. The reserve preserves the history of the life of primitive tribes and proudly shares it with travelers of the 21st century.

The excursion program is filled with interesting facts and sights. Our specialist guide with great knowledge of history, geography, art, culture and rich work experience will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Spend your vacation with AzerbaijanTrips. We will be glad to deliver you the most vivid and positive experiences!

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Nick (04.04.2016)

I want to say thanks to our guide! I was not long ago, on such an interesting excursion! He told everything so fascinatingly and patiently answered our questions)) I think I'll come back to you for other excursions and trips!

It was raining and it is only disadvantage of the trip


Amira (31.03.2016)

Very interesting excursion. I did not know about mud volcanoes before. And now he visited there and saw them! Gobustan keeps so much history... and it was very interesting to listen to our guide. Thank you for the interesting program.



Liza (05.03.2016)

It was a great day! we saw and learned many interesting historical facts. And what about volcanoes ?! It's amazing! They impressed me very much, I did not know such an unusual natural phenomenon! If you think to go or not to Gobustan, you must go here!


  • Day 1
Qobustan, Azerbaijan
Day 1


  • During the guided tour route you will visit and see:
  • - Departure on the excursion route.
  • - Old oil fields and an ancient temple in the area of Bibi-Heybat.
  • - Offshore oil platforms on the Caspian Sea.
  • - The pagan sanctuary "Pir Gara-atly" near the mountain Kichikdash.
  • - Excursion in the reserve "Mud Volcanoes". Manifestations of mud volcanism on Mount Dashgil.
  • - Lunch time.
  • - Excursion in the Gobustan reserve.
  • - Rock paintings, drawings, inscriptions and pictograms on the mountain Boyukdash.
  • - Stand of the primitive man of the Neolithic period, tombstones.
  • - A stone slab with an inscription in Latin, left by the Roman army of Domitian (emperor).
  • - A tambourine, which participated in ritual dances and rituals, held in the territory of Gobustan.
  • - In summer it is possible to visit one of the beaches in the Shikhlar area.


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