The Ancient city Gabala

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Sightseeing tour around the Gabala district


- The tour is for groups of tourists or an individual tour.

- The length of the excursion route depends on the amount of excursion programs and your wishes.

- The trip can begin by the hotel or another place by arrangement.

- Excursion can be carried out in your own vehicle or one provided by us.


What is important to know about the excursion:

- The duration of the tour is from 5 to 7 hours.

- The length of the excursion route one way is about 250 km.


The city of Gabala is one of the most ancient cities in Azerbaijan and a frequently visited tourist destination. During the tour you will visit the most picturesque and spectacular corners of the Gabala region, and get acquainted with the representatives of the most ancient indigenous peoples of the Caucasus - the udins. Their numbers no longer exceed 10,000, but they still retain their traditions, language and spiritual culture. You will also visit monuments, get acquainted with the exotic archaeological sites of the medieval Gabala, the site of the "Kabalaka", see picturesque forests, chestnut and walnut groves, rugged mountain rivers, and the attractive Nour lake. You will admire the beauty of the cascading waterfall "Eddi Gozial" and admire the attractive panorama of the Greater Caucasus mountains, going by cable car in mountain recreation zone "Tufandag".

The excursion program is filled with interesting facts and sights. Our specialist guide with great knowledge of history, geography, art, culture and rich work experience will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Spend your vacation with AzerbaijanTrips. We will be glad to deliver you the most vivid and positive experiences!

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Mark (03.05.2017)

Very beautiful nature, fauna! Our guide said that you can come here for hunting. I will be back to hunt with friends here. The guide was very well-guided tour, told a lot of interesting facts about Gabala. Thank you!



Nino (06.02.2017)

The tour is very interesting,thanks to our guide! Service during the program was quality, thank you very much! What about nature and attractions? It's nothing to write - it must be seen! Recommend!



David (20.01.2016)

My wife persuaded me to go on this excursion. I did not want to go because of the long transfer from Baku. But I was surprised, we got quickly and it was very comfortable. And thanks to the guide, he told very interesting things on the way and during the excursion. We did not have time to get tired as the day ended.


  • Day 1
Qabala, Azerbaijan
Day 1


  • During the guided tour route you will visit and see:
  • - Departure on the excursion route.
  • - Survey of picturesque surroundings and natural heritage of the Gabala region.
  • - The restored Christian Udi Church "Chotaari" and the old church "Bulon" in the village of Nij, in the place of compact settlement of the ancient Caucasian nation "Udin".
  • - The place of archaeological excavations on the medieval "hillfort" of "Kabalak", "Kwe-Bele", "Gabala" near the village of Chukhur-Gabala.
  • - Nourgyshlag reservoir in the foothill basin between the mountain ranges of Goydag and Goyburundag, near the village. Nourgyshlag.
  • - A small cascading waterfall "Yeddi Gyozal" near the village of Ruskyan, the lake "Nokhur".
  • - A complex of medieval "tent" mausoleums near the settlements of Khazrya and Bunud.
  • - Attractive Panorama of the intermountain Haftaran valley from the roadside restaurant "Girvia".
  • - Lunch time in one of the city restaurants with local cuisine. Our guide will recommend you restaurants with ethnic cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • - The city of Gabala. Excursion walk and familiarity with historical and cultural monuments.
  • - Heydar Aliyev Congress Center in the upper part of the city
  • - Complex of Summer-Winter Recreation Zone "Tufandag", including Tourist Complex "Tufandag".
  • - Entertainment Park "Gabaland".


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