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Four days of rest on the coast of the Caspian Sea is a great opportunity to get away from the current affairs and take a short break in work.

The first day of your stay in the capital of Azerbaijan will be devoted to a general acquaintance with this beautiful and colorful city. In the evening, you can make a tour of the night city, assessing its attractiveness in thousands of lights or arrange a romantic sea trip along the coast of Baku bay.

The second day will begin with an overview of the car-walking tour in Baku. It will take place along the main sights and monuments of the city. You will visit the observation deck at the highest point in the capital of Azerbaijan. From here you will see the amazing beauty of the panorama of the city, the seaside boulevard, the sea harbor of the Baku bay. Then you will visit the memorial complex of the “Shakhids” Avenue, the victims of the Soviet repression of January 20, 1990, you will see the Memorable Rotunda with Eternal Fire, the Alley of Honor, where prominent Azerbaijani figures of culture, science, literature, art, Heroes of the Soviet Union, politics and revolutionaries. After the elevation we will go to the historical medieval part of the city "Ichari Shahar", where the monuments of the architectural and historical heritage of Baku are located. You will stroll through the narrow streets of a medieval city - XII - XX centuries. You will see the peculiar architecture of apartment houses, workshops and artisan shops. You will have the opportunity to visit antique shops, art galleries, including "Nur" and "Ali Shamsi", the locations of the popular movie films "Amphibian Man" and "Diamond Arm". Further our excursion will take place in the palace complex of the Shirvanshahs of the 14th - 16th centuries. You will get acquainted with the historical medieval exposition of the main building, monuments of material culture, jewelry decorations, everyday objects, ancient weapons, national clothes and Azerbaijani carpets. Look at the inscriptions on the stones-stone "glyptic", ancient tombstones of various faiths, the mausoleum of the scientist-sheikh Seyyid-Yahya Bakuvi, the Gate-Portal of Sultan Murad, the Palace Shrine and the Mosque, the remains of the Palace Bath.

On other days you can enjoy a delightful sea, a beautiful beach and numerous water activities or continue sightseeing programs by selecting them on our website.

The excursion program is filled with unique facts and various sights.Our guide - is a specialist with great knowledge in the field of art, history, culture and with rich work experience will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Spend your vacation with AzerbaijanTrips. We will be glad to deliver you the most vivid and positive experiences!

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Inessa (05.05.2016)

Wonderful weekend! Baku is modern and historical at the same time! I really liked the city, and I want to go back again and see more places and cities.


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Baku, Azerbaijan
Day 1


  • - Transfer to the hotel


Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5*

Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* Baku, Azerbaijan 5 5

  • - Hotel accommodation.
    - Free time.
    - Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2


Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5*

Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* Baku, Azerbaijan 5 5

  • 08:00 - 11:00 Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
    11:00 The beginning of the excursion. Passage along the main highways, streets and avenues of the modern part of Baku. Acquaintance with architectural buildings, theaters, museums, squares, sculptural monuments and monuments of the 19th-20th centuries.
    - Alley of honorable burial of well-known personalities of the country and Memorial Alley "Shahidlar Hiyabany".
    - Baku Mountain Park, an observation deck with a panoramic view of the city and the sea harbor of Baku Bay.
    - Lunch time. Our guide will recommend you restaurants with ethnic cuisine at reasonable prices.
    - Historical tour of the medieval part of the city "Ichari Shahar" ("Old City") and the site of archaeological excavations
    • fortress walls and defensive towers (XV-XVI centuries);
    • complex of the Shirvanshahs Palace (XV-XVI centuries);
    • mosques "Djumia" (XIX century) and "Synygh Gala" (XI century);
    • tower temple "Gyz Galasy" or "Maiden Tower" (VII-XII centuries);
    • The medieval Bath and Market Square (XV - XVI centuries);
    • Complex of Caravansaries (XIV - XVI centuries);
    • carpet, souvenir and antique shops and craft shops.
    - Complex of "Shirvanshahs Palace" (XII-XV century) - the famous former residence of shirvanshahs.
    - Primorsky Boulevard and the State Flag Square.
    - Dinner time. Our guide will recommend restaurants where they cook deliciously and not expensive.
    21:00 Returning to the hotel.


  • During the guided tour route you will visit and see:
  • - Azadlig Square.
  • - Boulevard of the White City.
  • - Khojaly Avenue.
  • - Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center.
  • - Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • - A.S.Pushkin Square.
  • - The square at the metro station "Sahil" and Rashid Behbudov Street.
  • - Song Theater.
  • - Heydar Aliyev Square.
  • - Conservatory.
  • - The new Boulevard "Winter Garden".
  • - Azerbaijan Academic Drama Theater.
  • - Monument "Liberation".
  • - Bakikhanov Street.
  • - Prospect Inshaatchilar.
  • - The square near the monument of Hussein Javid.
  • - Scientific and Student Town.
  • - Hussein Javid Avenue.
  • - Parliamentary Avenue.
  • - Alley of Honorable Burial.
  • - Square at the National Parliament, Mejlis.
  • - Upland Park, Alley of Shahids and Panorama of the city.
  • - Area "Azneft".
  • - Fountain-monument "Bahram-Gyur".
  • - Center of the Carpet.
  • - State Flag Square –
  • New Sport Parkway.
  • - Eurovision Boulevard.
  • - Baku "Venice".
  • - Metro "Ichari Shahar" and Prospect Istiglaliyyat.
  • - Square near the monuments of Nizami Ganjavi and M.A.Sabir.
  • - Marine Station.
  • - The Baku-Port Center.
  • - Modern building of the Catholic Cathedral.
  • - Monument to Shah Ismayil Hataya.
  • - Monument of Mehdi Huseynzadeh.
  • - Water sports center.
  • - The Governor's Garden.
  • - Philharmonia.
  • - Shopping and entertainment center "Park Bulvar".
  • - The main Gates of the medieval Fortress "Gosha Gala Gapy".
  • - Aziz Aliyev Street.
  • - Neftchilar Pr.
  • - Tower Temple "Gyz Galasy".
  • - Medieval part of the city "Ichari Shahar", including the Complex of the Shirvanshahs Palace, the "Gyz Galasy" Tower and other sights of the area.
  • - The main gate of the Fortress on the square "Ganjlar Meidany", which are the exit from the medieval part of the city "Ichary Shahar".


Day 3


Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5*

Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* Baku, Azerbaijan 5 5

  • 08:00 - 11:00 Breakfast in the hotel
    Free time.
Day 4


Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5*

Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel 5* Baku, Azerbaijan 5 5

  • - Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
    - Check-out from the hotel.


  • - Transfer to the airport
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