Apsheron Peninsula

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A sightseeing excursion along the Apsheron Peninsula and a visit to the historical and ethnographic reserve "Gala"


- The tour is for groups of tourists or an individual tour.

- The length of the excursion route depends on the amount of excursion programs and your wishes.

- The trip can begin by the hotel or another place by arrangement.

- Excursion can be carried out in your own vehicle or one provided by us.


What is important to know about the excursion:

- Duration of the excursion (excluding travel time) - from 4 to 5 hours.

- The length of the excursion route is more than 150 km.


During the excursion you will visit historical and architectural monuments and natural-geographical areas of the central and eastern part of the Absheron peninsula. You will visit the mountain "Yanardag" which has been burning for several millennia, see the fire temple, the museum complex where artifacts dating from the third millennium BC are stored, and visit the tower fortresses. Further on our route wewill pass through the villages of Zykh, Surakhany, Gala, Ramana, Zabrat, Mammyadli, Digyah. You will examine their cultural heritage and sights, and also go to the historical and ethnographic reserve "Gala". It is located 40 kilometers from Baku and is dedicated to the history of the Absheron peninsula. During the tour you will get acquainted with the ancient dwellings of the medieval inhabitants of Azerbaijan, see stone and clay-strawhouses, old blacksmiths, pottery workshops, bakeries and other objects of cultural heritage. Many of the monuments were brought to the museum from different parts of the country, restored or recreated. In the territory of "Gala" there are exhibits of ancient objects of everyday life and other ornaments. All exhibits have huge historical value and are revered by the inhabitants of the country.

The excursion program is filled with interesting facts and sights. Our specialist guide with great knowledge of history, geography, art, culture and rich work experience will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Spend your vacation with AzerbaijanTrips. We will be glad to deliver you the most vivid and positive experiences!

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Jane (27.03.2017)

I really wanted to visit the "mountain of fire". You will not see such a unique sight anywhere. The mountain burns with fire, lights up before your eyes and burns! The castle and fortress are also beautiful, ancient and well preserved. And thanks to our tour guide and organization of tour. Very comfortable bus. I often get sick on a trip and I was worried about how I'll finish it. But everything was fine, thank you!



Frank (16.03.2016)

I think this is the unique place of Ateshniakh - I've never seen anything like it. I recommend everyone to visit this place if you are in Azerbaijan.

Tourists from our group were late and the tour started later

  • Day 1
Baku, Azerbaijan
Day 1


  • During the guided tour route you will visit and see:
  • - Travel on the excursion route and the main places of Baku:
  • • administrative and commercial part of the city "Baku-Port";
  • • Seaside "Boulevard of the White City", "French Lyceum", "Palace of Boxing";
  • • The Catholic Cathedral and the embassies of Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • • Avenue and memorial monument of "Khojaly's Victims";
  • • modern architectural object "Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center”
  • • "Olympic town" and other sightseeings along the way;
  • - Review of old terrestrial oil fields and mud volcanoes near Balakhan, Binyagadi, Mehdiabad, Digyakh. Panorama of the largest on the Absheron "Beyuk Shor" salt lake.
  • - Visit to the small nature reserve "Yanardag" ("Burning Mountain"), the places where natural fuel gas is released to the surface and a review of the "Kirov" oil valley.
  • - Settlement Makhyammadli and ancient pagan sanctuary "Ali dashi".
  • - Lunch time.
  • - Architectural monuments in the village of Ramana (old name "Novels"):
  • • tower "Temple of Fire" (XIII - XIV centuries);
  • • mosque (XVI century), next to the castle building;
  • • The settlement "Jumia" (XIX century);
  • • Rock paintings, the period of bronze.
  • - Architectural monuments in the village of Surakhany, a review of the modern oil field, the Temple-Monastery of the Sacred Fire "Ateshgah" or the Temple of Fire-worshipers XVII – XIX.
  • - Girmakinsky valley - a unique geological museum in the open air.
  • - Settlement of Yeni Surakhany and a review of the ancient pagan sanctuary "Usta Shagird" ("Master and Apprentice") on a small rock in the area of "Muslya". Ancient human stand - "Mysyalla Yeri", as well as a field of a primitive man.
  • - Visit to the Historical and Ethnographic and Archaeological Reserve "Gala":
  • • Archaeological Park
  • • Temple-Castle Tower
  • • Museum of Antiques
  • • mosques
  • • mausoleum
  • • rock labyrinth
  • • Salt Lake "Gala Golu"
  • - District of the village Zykh:
  • • olive grove
  • • Rock paintings
  • • Medieval town (XII - XVIII cc.)
  • • ovdan - underground storage of water / (XVII - XIX centuries).
  • • the lake-buried mud volcano Zykh.


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