Culinary tours

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A voucher to Azerbaijan is not just an opportunity to swim in the Caspian Sea and to enjoy white snowy mountain tops, these are also unique historical and architectural sights, and even not just local cordiality and hospitality but particularly tasty, rich dishes. A culinary tour will help to get familiar with all the peculiarities of the national cuisine and...to come to know why local residents are always so happy.

There are legends about oriental cuisine. Tables in Azerbaijanian houses, cafes and restaurants are full of tasty dishes no gourmet cannot simply pass by — breathtaking aromas, bright colours, well-balanced taste. And local cooks use not exotic but rather inexpensive products to cook all the dishes. How do they manage to create masterpieces of culinary art out of ordinary ingredients? You will get answers to those questions and to many others on buying a culinary tour of Azerbaijan.

Cafes and restaurants in Azerbaijan are waiting for you

Certainly, you can go to a restaurant in Azerbaijan within any tourist program — within an excursion, eco- or even extreme tour. But only specially designed inpidual gastronomic program will allow you to come to know more about the secrets of cooking various dishes the Azerbaijanian people are so proud of.

The range of dishes in any café and restaurant is impressive: these are both classical oriental dishes and dishes developed under own recipes — various pilafs and kebabs, Caspian fish, dishes made of tandoor, baklava, halva, sherbet, wine... Your trip will be unforgettable, and you will bring home to Moscow not just pleasant memories about a wonderful holiday, but, possibly, some interesting recipes.

Culinary tours from Azerbaijan Trips

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Buy a culinary tour to Azerbaijan on our website, and you will make your journey not just interesting, enjoyable, but also very tasty.