Sanatoria in Azerbaijan are the choice of tourists who are careful about their health and who consider that recreation and treatment can be combined. On our site you can find a suitable sanatorium and buy a voucher at a reasonable price.

Sanatoria of Azerbaijan are a bright illustration of the fact that one may spend a holiday in a merry way, enjoying it and having a positive effect on one’s health. Sanatoria are scattered across the whole territory of the country — they are in Baku, below Gyanja, in the mountains and on the Caspian Sea coast. Generally, you can easily find an option that suits you in all respects.

What should you look for while choosing sanatoria in Azerbaijan?

  1. For treatment programs. If we speak in general, all the health resorts of Azerbaijan offer programs based either on healing properties of naphthalan, or on the effect of mineral thermal sources.
  2. For physician’s recommendations. At Azerbaijanian resorts you may get rid of a great number of diseases, but one should not forget about possible counter indications — before booking a tour have a consultation with your physician.
  3. For prices. Azerbaijan has many sanatoria, so you can easily find a program which suits you not only in terms of the treatment program efficiency, but in terms of its price.

Sanatoria of Azerbaijan: methods and results

If you are interested in resorts offering treatment based on the effect of mineral waters, pay attention to the city of Nakhchivan. Nakhichvan is a unique natural resource of the country: in the sanatoria of this raion you will be assisted in getting rid of skin problems, intestinal diseases. You may also attend Duzdag salt rooms which are a real treasure for those who do not know how to threat asthma or get rid of chronic bronchitis.

Also, very popular is the balneological resort of Azerbaijan — Naphthalan. Doctors in the sanatoria will treat you for allergic dermatitis and exema, psoriasis and bursitis, thrombophlebitis and myositis. They will also help you if you have atherosclerotic changes in vessels or, for instance, radiculutis.

On our site you will find all the necessary information about the sanatoria of Azerbaijan which will help you to make the right choice — in favour of the resort where you will be offered a really efficient treatment. Besides, with us you can immediately book air tickets to Azerbaijan, book a room or an apartment in the sanatoria, buy an ‘all inclusive’ tour. In any case we guarantee you pleasure and use from the trip, so feel free to address us!