To see Azerbaijan with your own eyes

To see Azerbaijan with your own eyes

Azerbaijan is a multi-faceted country where you can have a good vacation both at the seaside and in the mountains, book a hasteless excursion trip, or go on a gastronomic tour. On the Internet, you can find quite a lot of different information about Azerbaijan. However, the problem is that Azerbaijan’s dynamic development as a tourist country took off only a couple of years ago. Therefore, there is still a lack of exclusive information about the yet-to-be-advertised tourist destinations in Azerbaijan.

We feel that it is necessary to close this gap as soon as possible. Apart from the famous Baku, Azerbaijan has a lot of resorts where you can relax. That’s why we launched a series of videos about recreation in Azerbaijan. Our videos cover all types of recreation in Azerbaijan – excursion trips, gastronomic and historical tours, sea rest, and hiking in the mountains.

We do not shoot hours of videos after which you do not need to go anywhere, because you already saw everything without standing up from your couch. We want our review video to really stir you up and arouse the kind of emotions that could make you want to drop everything and immediately buy a ticket to Azerbaijan.

Watch our videos and rest assured – it’s only 1% of what you will feel when you come to us for vacation.