Excursion to Sheki - from antiquity to modernity ...

Excursion to Sheki - from antiquity to modernity ...

Excursion to Sheki is a tour of the picturesque places, in one of the old cities of the South Caucasus, where a variety of handicraft production of quality silk products was concentrated, and a lively trade was developed. The city is rich with its history, many monuments of cultural heritage and proudly shares all this with you.

Modern Sheki is a neat and equipped town, more like a province than an eastern city. It carefully preserves his centuries-old history and cares about it. One of the most significant architectural achievements of the region is the Sheki Khan Palace. Its interior decoration is covered with elaborate wall paintings and luxurious windows. Another business card of the city is the Sheki Khans' House, which is rich in decorative ornamentation and preserves the features of ancient folk dwellings. It is also decorated with wall paintings and Venetian glass.

The nature of the region is incredibly beautiful and picturesque. The mountain landscape alternates with forests, giving way to the vast valleys of rivers. Delight from what he sees touches the soul and gives unlimited love to the fairy-tale places. But the realities of this tale are such that in 1772 the mudflow of the Kish River greatly destroyed the city, and in 1986 it demolished a large iron bridge. Seasons of high water are constantly alarming residents of Sheki. However, people who live here never lose their sense of humor and are eager to share their optimism with their guests. The city is especially famous for its hospitality. It was here that in 1983 the "Laughter Festival" was held. In a word, you will not be bored here for sure.

The natural landscape has always set a certain style of urban architecture. Numerous houses are surrounded by beautiful lawns, and fences are lined with river stone. This natural material is a kind of symbol of numerous buildings. Another distinguishing feature of Sheki is the roofs of the houses, covered with red clay tiles. Well maintained streets are always clean. As if they do not know what dirt is.

Near the city, in the neighour village Kish, there is a particularly revered Albanian Temple. It goes back to the first century of our era. Archaeological excavations have shown that this church is the very "Mother of all the churches of the East", about which Moses Kalankatuysky wrote in his works "The History of Albania".

The next architectural landmark of Sheki is the impregnable fortress of Gelersen-Gerersen, which in the translation "You will see if you come" It is located on a previously strategically important place. From its height are opened the delightful panoramic landscapes of the majestic mountain and forest Caucasus massif. The sound of the rushing river Kish brings peace and tranquility.

Sheki is also the center of handicraft production. Local embroidery is famous for the whole world. This art is represented in the Sheki Museum of Folk Applied Arts.

A special honor and respect among visitors is the national food. This ancient land remains the birthplace of baklava and piti. An incredibly tasty dish of mutton is served in clay pots, which were cooked in the oven for about 8 hours. Try it only once, you will forever remember this delicate flavor of the delicious dish of the east. It is worth noting that the local recipe is known exclusively to the people of Sheki. The meal itself is also unique, as is the skill of cooking piti. But to find out, you have to: "Gelersen-Gerersen" ...