Question - answer (FAQ)

Where is Azerbaijan located?

Azerbaijan is the largest of the three countries of the South Caucasus. It is located on the eastern side of the Caspian Sea. It borders on Russia and Georgia to the north, on Armenia to the west, on Turkey and Iran to the south.

Azerbaijan has played a major role in the Silk Way and has been connecting Western Asia to Europe. It is over 4,000 miles of the trade way. The name of the route derives from the Chinese silk that was traded in.

What is the language of Azerbaijan?

The Azerbaijanian language is the official language of the country. The residents of the capital – the city of Baku have a good command of several European languages like English, Russian, French and German.

What currency is used in Azerbaijan?

The national currency of Azerbaijan is manat (AZN). It is designed by letter ‘M’ that looks as a symbol of Euro turned 90 degrees. 1 manat equals 100 kopecks (100 q).

Why is Azerbaijan called the Land of Fires?

There are several theories as to why Azerbaijan is called the Land of Fires. Here are some of them:

  1.  In one of the earliest known theories Azerbaijan is called ‘Aturpatakan’. In the translation from Persian it means the place where a sacred fire is stored.
  2. Oil recovery on the Absheron peninsula dates back to the 7th-6th centuries B. C., and this makes the area one of the oldest oil regions in the world. Oil industry on the Absheron peninsula is mentioned in the works of ancient and medieval historians. The Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus (4th century B. C.) points out in his paper ‘History’ the ‘Midian Oil’ (the so called ‘Oil’ in the local language) used in ancient Azerbaijan.
  3. In Azerbaijan natural fires result from gas burning. Since fire comes from the depths, it creates the effect of a burning land. Worshiping fire was a traditional form in ancient Azerbaijan, since the times of Zoroastrianism (which used to be one of the largest world religions considering fire to be sacred). Dissemination of Zoroastrianism can be traced throughout the whole territory of Azerbaijan.
  4. In the Greek mythology Prometheus was chained to the mountain of Caucasus upon the order of Zeus. It was his punishment for stealing fire from gods and giving it to mankind.

When is it worth visiting Azerbaijan?

You may visit Azerbaijan at any time of the year. 9 out 11 climate zones available on our planet enable the country to welcome visitors all the year round. Each season has its unique colours and peculiarities. Which of the seasons will give you more joy can be understood only through personal acquaintance with a particularly beautiful weather, the Caspian Sea coast, ancient history and cultural traditions of Azerbaijan.

The areas of rest and entertainment located in Azerbaijan along the Caspian Sea coast, forests and mountains will produce an unforgettable impression on you. Particularly on those who like sun, sea, sand, picnics and forest walks, swimming in the waterfalls and riding. Many tourist regions of Azerbaijan also have numerous thermal and mineral springs, with excellent medical properties.

Summer in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijanian summer is attractive in many respects. The country is surrounded with numerous resorts and private beaches where luxurious hotels have recently been built. The service there meets modern standards. Such hotels as Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, Sea Breeze, family entertainment complexes like AF Hotel-Aqua Park, Khazar Golden Beach Hotel, Dalga Beach and others welcome guests. In the capital and in its outskirts there are several aqua parks where you can have a nice time if you like swimming in the sea.

Autumn in Azerbaijan

It is a real pleasure to spend autumn in Azerbaijan! Quiet, sunny days, warm sea and green woods, parks and gardens that start changing their colour at the end of October. Your stay here will be full of perfect impressions, and you don’t have to worry about the weather which frequently comes as an obstacle for tourist stay in other countries.

What can be more luring for those who love generous gifts of nature? To replace fit, melon, walnut and quince there come date plum and pomegranate. This is the period when extremely tasty fruit with deep red seeds of about a pound of weight ripen there.

Winter in Azerbaijan

Each year more and more foreign tourists come to Azerbaijan in December. To visit historical areas of Shaki where at the end of the year there take place unique equine tournaments and competitions. Winter in Azerbaijan is a perfect season for those who love local cuisine and culinary surprises.

Ski resorts in Azerbaijan located at the altitude up to 2,525 metres above the sea level offer 32 km of skiing runs and 14 chairlifts for guests transportation.

Spring in Azerbaijan

Spring is magnificent far outside Baku. In spring you are recommended to visit Gabala with its perfect beauty of the Caucasian mountains so much reminding Switzerland.

Mountain meadows and woods attract tourists with their beauty. Hunters and fishermen always remain satisfied with the results of their trips. That is a place of freedom for those fond of eco-tourism. In the north-west of Azerbaijan old mosques, temples, mausoleums compete with unique natural artifacts.

Can I get access to the Internet in Azerbaijan?

Yes, you can get access to the high-speed Internet almost everywhere, Wi-Fi is available in cafes, restaurants and in many public places.

Will my mobile phone work in Azerbaijan?

Mobile service is available in the majority of city centres and in the outskirts, but connection can be of different quality beyond those areas. Make sure that you have activated your global roaming if you want to use your phone in Azerbaijan.

How expensive is going to be meals in Azerbaijan?

1.5 l bottle of water = 0.60 AZN

A bottle of local beer = 2.5 AZN

Food in an inexpensive restaurant = 10 AZN

Food in a mid-class restaurant = 40 AZN

Can I use my credit card in Azerbaijan?

Yes, you can use your credit card almost everywhere in the city of Baku, but not so much in rural areas. For your convenience keep some cash with you all the time.

Are there any ATMs in Azerbaijan?

ATMs are available everywhere in the capital, but no so much in other small towns and villages. For your convenience keep some cash with you all the time.

Do I need insurance for a trip to Azerbaijan?

Yes. All the passengers of Azerbaijan Trips should buy insurance before their arrival. Your insurance data will be registered by your leader right on the day of your arrival.

Can I drink alcohol in Azerbaijan?

Almost all the restaurants and bars serve alcohol. Besides, everybody can buy alcohol in many shops without any restrictions.

Is it safe in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is one of the safe countries of the world. Low level of crime, cleanness and order prevail in the streets of cities.

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. What is the attitude to representatives of other confessions?

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country tolerant to other religions, nationalities and cultures. Orthodox churches, Catholic churches, parishes and synagogues function in the city of Baku and in the regions of the country.

Can I pay in dollars and Euros in hotels, shops and other places in Azerbaijan?

Most companies do not accept dollars and Euros, including restaurants and bars, as well as large shops. If you don’t need a taxi, we recommend you to exchange money at your final place of destination, probably, the exchange rate will be higher there than at the airport. Nevertheless, the difference is not that large. Therefore, if you do not intend to exchange a large amount of money, you can easily do it at the airport.