Popular places in the town of Naftalan

Each year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Naftalan. That is the most popular balneological resort in the territory of Azerbaijan, Russia, the former USSR countries. If you have made up your mind to have your vacation here, find some time to go for a walk to the important places of the resort and get acquainted with its attractions.

What is worth seeing in Naftalan?

Priority ‘majoring’ of the resort is oil-based recreational procedures: naphthalan baths, wraps. But the town also has architectural, historical, and natural attractions.

For instance, it is here that the only museum of crutches in the world is located: in the museum you can see structures of different size – these crutches here were left by patients coming to Naftalan to recover (after successful treatment in the resort sanatoria crutches were no longer necessary).

One more attraction worthy of attention is the museum of area studies, the main exposition of which is dedicated to the history of naphthalan oil discovery, its development and commercial recovery. Besides, in the local museum you can see a collection of national Azerbaijanian costumes, historical documents, archival photographs, domestic utensils.

If you have enough time, you should definitely go to local markets: here you can buy souvenirs for the near and dear ones. The choice range is great: you can buy traditional magnets or bring Azerbaijanian wine or tea home. Carpets and headwear, spices and painted glazed ceramics, cheap fruits and vegetables – these are just a few things you will find in Naftalan markets.

Naftalan is a small town, and entertainment here is scarce, since tourists mainly come here for treatment purposes, but you will not be bored here: beautiful nature, traditional hospitality, well-developed tourist infrastructure – these are just a few things waiting for you in Naftalan.