Naftalan city districts

Would you like not just to have some rest in Azerbaijan, but to improve your health as well? Go to Naftalan – in each district of that resort there are sanatoria, recreation centres offering a wide range of treatment and cosmetic services.

Naftalan is a small and a very beautiful town of Azerbaijan, in the streets of which you can find hotels, recreation centres specializing in naphthalan treatment. Each guest of the sanatorium undergoes diagnostics with high-tech equipment, and after that inpidual treatment is prescribed: combination of naphthalan baths and wraps, volcanic mud, salts with modern treatment methods enables to achieve unique results.

In the central area of the town there functions a market where you can buy not just foodstuffs (cheap vegetables and fruits are sold there), but various souvenirs for you and for the people near and dear to you – tea and wine of local production, hand-made carpets, pretty pretties, national clothes and many other things, And certainly some magnets to be placed on your fridge.

As it has already been mentioned, Naftalan is a small town. That is a resort, the main direction of activity of which is naphthalan treatment. That is why there is no wide range of entertainment activities there: people come here to undergo some treatment. But the town will please you with clean, tidy streets, and you will derive extraordinary pleasure even from an ordinary walk in Naftalan.

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