Events in Naftalan

In Azerbaijan there are many cities vacation in which promises to be interesting, comfortable, intensive. If you want not just to have some rest, but to improve your health and immunity, go to Naftalan. There are many sanatoria offering not only efficient treatment programs, but holding a lot of events. Thus, your vacation will be both useful and pleasant.

Azerbaijan is the country which develops actively and creates ideal conditions of vacation for its guests. And here one may talk not only of careful attitude to natural resources, architectural and historical monuments, but about a cultural component as well. Different events are regularly held in the country, and many of them have become a good tradition – these are music festivals, sports competitions and car races.

In Naftalan itself there are no traditional events held regularly from year to year, since the resort is designed for treatment, therefore the entertainment component is reduced to the minimum. But thanks to perfect transport connection, affordable prices you can always go from Naftalan to any other city of Azerbaijan in order to participate in a local festival, to become a spectator of car racing or sports competitions.

Besides, sometimes different sanatoria organize small festivals for their guests. Thus, for instance, opening of the season is celebrated on a noble scale. Local stars may be invited, different thematic parties may be organized.

From year to year Naftalan becomes more and more developed, it offers its guests a better level of servicing and all the conditions necessary to have some comfortable rest. One may clearly assume that in the most nearest future Naftalan will get its festival – the event hosting tourists from all over the world. And so far you can go to the neighbouring resorts, all the more that Naftalan is located at the distance of 200 km from Baku where most festivals and events is held.

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