Masalli is a small but a very beautiful town of Azerbaijan, which is comfortably located in the south of the country. If you are interested in having some quiet rest, if you want to enjoy picturesque forest landscapes, if you want to make your spirit and body recover – choose a tour of Masalli.

One of clear merits of Masalli is its location: the town is located between the Caspian Sea coast and the Talysh mountains. On the suburbs of Masalli there are dense forests with a beautiful lake, on the shore of which you can have a perfect rest, which means that you may choose between calm beach recreation, merry trips to the mountains and romantic walks along the forest paths. And who has said that you should limit yourself to one thing only?

What else is there of interest for Masalli guests?

In the vicinity of the town there are plenty of healing mineral water sources — a real finding for people having diseases of musculoskeletal system, joints.

Those willing to familiarize themselves with the history and culture of Azerbaijan may visit the neighbouring town of Mante and enjoy its numerous historical monuments. And in the very Masalli there are a lot of places of interest — ancient towers as well as the XIXth century mosque have survived here. In the local history museum you will see articles representing traditional arts and crafts of the area, hear interesting stories about the town.