Each town and city of Azerbaijan has some tourist attractions. And Ismailli is no exception in this sense. If you choose this area while selecting your tour of the country, you will never be sorry for that: vacation there promises to be really full of emotions and interesting.

If you have chosen Ismailli as the place of your vacation in Azerbaijan, you will definitely not be bored. What can you have a look at?

First of all, you should visit Lagich, a picturesque settlement close to Ismailli, which is included into the most popular tour itinerary ‘The Large Silk Road’.

Of interest is also the village with the Russian name Ivanovka: here you will see picturesque nature, unmatched atmosphere, which is based on wise traditions and the power of the elders — that is Azerbaijan in real.

If you want to see the magnificence of ancient mosques, enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes, find some time to visit Basgala, the most ancient settlement of the country, located close to Ismailli.

Seven kilometers from the raion centre there is located the Javanshir fortress, which can be reached riding or on foot (by car to the village of Talystan, and then – on foot).

Among other sights of Ismailli one can point out the Maiden Tower, the ‘Gyrkhotag’ fortress and the fortress of Gasymkhan, the Ashibayramlin water reservoir.