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In the north-eastern slope of the mount of Shahdag there is located one of the most beautiful towns of Azerbaijan — Guba. Vacation in Guba stands for picturesque mountains, forests and rivers, comfortable hotels, plenty of healing resorts, those are old settlements and lots of architectural monuments. Would you like to see real Azerbaijan? Buy tours of Guba.

Guba is separated from Baku by 168 km — several hours of a car trip, and you move from the noisy capital of Azerbaijan to a real fairy-tale, which has all the conditions for perfect vacation.

What can you see in Guba?

Regardless of what ideal vacation means for you, Guba will offer you an activity you will like.

If you are interested in environmental tourism, go to the waterfall of Afurdzha which is 80 m high. Close to it there is one more beautiful waterfall — Pirbianevsia. Besides, Guba is famous for its apple orchards and artificial lakes, therefore try to find some time to have a walk of an orchard or to have some rest at the shore of a picturesque lake.

Guba is a real finding for those fond of hunting and fishing. If you want to bring home with you not just pleasant emotions, but some hunting or fishing trophy, buy a thematic tour — within the tour you will be shown the best hunting/fishing places and given all the necessary outfit.

Those who love history and archaeology can visit old settlements located in the vicinity of the town. There are plenty of villages around Guba, and the most interesting of them include Utug, the age of which is several centuries. And in the village of Khynalyg, which is located at the distance of 65 km from Guba, there reside 3,000 people who make up a separate ethnographic group — with their own customs, traditions, language. And in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda there lives the largest community of town Jews in the world.

So, whatever brings you to Guba, you may well be sure that vacation here will be perfect.