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Are you going to spend your holiday in Azerbaijan? Still not chosen which city you would like to visit? Think of visiting Gobustan, an archeological Azerbaijan reserve, which hosts tens of thousands of tourists from the whole world each year. On our site you can buy an excursion tour to Gobustan on most beneficial terms.

One of most famous archeological reserves is located in Azerbaijan. That is Gobustan. The reserve stretches across the territory of Absheron and Karadag raions — the plan is located to the south of Baku and occupies the territory of 3,096 ha. Being located between the Caspian Sea and south-eastern branches of the Greater Caucasus, Gobustan invites all those willing to enjoy the largest mud volcanoes of the Caucasus, ancient stops, rock paintings.

What are you going to see in Gobustan

The name ‘Gobustan’ comes from the Azerbaijanian word ‘gobu’ which means ‘a beam’.

The first archeological excavations in the territory of Gobustan started in the 30ies of the previous century: in 1940 Ishak Dzafaradze, an archeologist from Azerbaijan, found about 3,500 rock paintings, symbols, images here. In 1965 a scientific expedition went there, and in the course of its work it studied about 40 burial mounds, 20 dwellings and found several hundreds of new images.

In 1966 Gobustan was announced to be a reserve, and in 2002 the Azerbaijan government compiled and submitted all the documents to UNESCO for it to include the reserve on the World Heritage List. In 2007 the cultural landscape of rock paintings of the reserve was put on the UNESCO list. Now the unique heritage of Azerbaijan has the status of a world-importance monument. The reserve contains the history of life of primitive tribes and is glad to share this history with us, travelers of the XXIst century.

Gobustan stands for:

  • The largest mud volcanoes of the Caucasus. Besides that, here flows the picturesque river of Jeyrankechmaz. Underground waters and atmospheric precipitation nourish plenty of wells and springs on the mount of Bejukdash;
  • Heaps of rocks on which you will find dwarf cherry and wild rose, wild rice and grapes. There are not that many animals in Gobustan — these are foxes and wolves, wild cats and jackals, mountain partridges and skylarks. Of course, there are also lizards and snakes; 

  • Stone-drum ‘Gavaldash’, one of the most interesting attractions of the reserve. You can find this stone at the foot of the Dzhingirdag mount. The peculiar feature of the stone is that the bumps on its surface produce different sounds depending on what (a stones of what size) you hit it with;
  • Mount of Bejukdash, at the foot of which you will find a Latin inscription confirming that at some point of time the Roman legions were passing there.

Tours to Gobustan from Azerbaijan Trips

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