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Gyanja is one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan. It has the honorary title of the ‘city of treasures’. And treasures here are very perse: on buying a tour of Gyanja, you will have a chance to enjoy a great number of local sights — historical, cultural, architectural, and natural. Generally, one can bravely state that your holiday there will be unforgettable.

Gyanja, the second city of Azerbaijan by population, is comfortably located on the banks of the picturesque river of Gyanjachay, at the north-eastern foot of the Small Caucasus. The city is located at the foot of the mountains: a unique landscape decorated with emerald-green plants, tens of murmuring brooks is just one more pleasant bonus you will get if you decide to spend your vacation in Gyanja.

Everything you would like to know about Gyanja

There is a beautiful legend saying that the city was founded on the place where a sole traveler found a real treasure — pots full of precious stones and gold. Maybe, it is this legend that is taken into account when Gyanja is called the city of treasures, or maybe there are other reasons behind it — for instance, one talks here about sights-treasures.

Gyanja is represented by small houses made of red bricks and by winding streets, by magnificent temples and mosques, cozy tea rooms and a large number of monuments each tourist should see.

It is there that a famous poet Nizami Ganjavi was born and grew up (here he was buried) — Nizami’s mausoleum keeps being a place of pilgrimage of poets from all over the world.

Those fond of nature will be advised by the guides to attend to the Khan’s garden, with trees from different parts of the planet — the park contains a zoo, where you can have a look at flamingos, peacocks, Caucasian dears and goitered gazelles.

If we speak about the most popular architectural sights, one should point out the ensemble of the Sheihk Bakhauddin (with a Caravanserai, mosque, medieval sauna), bottle house, the church Aleksander Nevsky.

If you are sure that a holiday should bring not just pleasure, but be of use, go to a well-known resort ‘Naphthalan’ in the vicinity of Gyanja, with its sanatorium specializing in treatment of different skin diseases, musculoskeletal system disorders.

Gyanja: nature and weather 

The climate here is pleasant enough in summer: the temperature is around 30 ° C, while in winter locals and visitors alike may enjoy some frosts. There is almost no wind – the Caucasian ridge protects from them. If you want to enjoy the sun and warmth of Azerbaijan to the fullest, come to Ganja in May-June or in September-October.

It is in Ganja that a picturesque (and one of the most famous in the Caucasus) Geygel Lake, which is part of the Geygel reserve, is located. Almost any trip to Azerbaijan, any travel route includes a tour of the Geygel reserve which ensures the integrity of nature and wildlife of Ganja.

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