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Qax (Hah) is one of the most beautiful, picturesque cities of Azerbaijan. If during your holidays you want not just to enjoy hot sun, study local sights, but enjoy wonderful nature, mountainous rivers and waterfalls, buy a tour to Qax. You will be happy about your choice.

Qax is located in the north-west of Azerbaijan and attracts hunters and fishermen from all over the world. Unique nature of this region of the country fully discloses its beauty in the Ilisu reserve located not far from Qax. There grow over three hundred plant species in this reserve, including medical herbs. The fauna of the reserve deserves special attention: you can come across a bear and a mountain goat, wild cat and wolf, boar or partridge. Hunters are offered tours to the valley of Ganyg-Eyrichaya, in the foothill forests, while those who are fond of fishing are normally taken to the rivers of Ganyn, Gapychay, Eyrichay.

The sights of Qax

Qax is located in the most ancient area of the country where from time immemorial there have been residing Azerbaijanian tribes dealing with crafts, cattle breeding, and horticulture.

One of the places most interesting and attractive for tourists is the village of Ilisu which is located at the distance of only 12 km from the city of Qax. Why is this village interesting? First of all, because of its mineral sulphur springs with a healing effect. Side by side with the village there flow two picturesque rivers (the Black (Harachay) and White (Agchay)), here you can also enjoy the beautiful waterfall Garachay and the highest waterfall in Azerbaijan, Ram-Ramoy.

On having had a look at the village, its beautiful nature, you can move on, since there are a lot of things to look at: in Qax and in the vicinity you will find a great number of historical and architectural monuments — you will see fortress ruins, towers, amphora burials, the fortress of Sumug Gala, a watchtower. Special attention should be paid to old Albanian temples of which there are many in this part of the country: here we mean the first churches in the Caucasus and some of the first temples in the world.

Tours to Qax from Azerbaijan Trips

Are you willing to see unique nature and get acquainted with the unique culture of Azerbaijan in all its beauty? Go to Qax. With our help you can quickly and easily arrange a trip: buy air tickets, book hotel rooms, buy ‘All Inclusive’ tours and enjoy every minute of your holiday.