Weather in Gabala

Have you made up your mind to have some rest in one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan — Gabala? One of the issues that needs to be clarified before you buy a ticket is the issue of weather. Luckily, the resort will please you in this respect.

The climate of Gabala area is rather perse and depends on the altitude. Thus, its central part is within the moderate continental climate belt, with all the nice consequences resulting from this fact (warm winter, hot summer), but if you intend to have some rest in the mountains, get ready for considerable daily changes of temperatures, since the climate there is distinctly continental.

What is the best season of the year to have rest in Gabala?

In any month you will have plenty of historical, architectural monuments, a very nice weather and lots of entertainment activities. As far as the weather is concerned:

  • Winters in Gabala are normally mild and short. Average temperature in winter is not lower than 0°С, it is a bit colder in the mountains: the mercury may go down to -7°С. Also, this season is characterized by high humidity — low cloud cover, precipitation in the form of rain and snow mix;

  • In spring it is normally dull, but warm in Gabala;

  • Summer treats tourists with heat: in July-August the temperature is about +25°С, but it can reach even +37°С. Sometimes heat is ‘discharged’ through short-term showers, thunderstorms, accompanied by wind gusts;

  • Autumn in Gabala is warm, dry and long: you can hardly swim in the sea, but this is an ideal period for having excursions in the area.

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