Attractions of Gabala

Attractions of Gabala, one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan, are represented not only by unique architecture, ancient historical monuments, but by picturesque natural landscapes as well. Add a well-developed tourist infrastructure to that, plenty of rest scenarios (amusement park, mountain skiing resort) – and it will become immediately clear: you cannot get bored in Gabala.

What attractions of Gabala are worth seeing?

Gabala is an ancient city of Azerbaijan, the history of which is reflected in ancient monuments: at the distance of 15 km from the modern city you can see the ruins of ancient Gabala.

The city museum pictures elements of culture and daily life found during the excavations in the ancient city. 15 halls and a depositary are there in the premises of the history and area studies museum, besides that, in its territory, in the open air, there is a composition of ancient tombstones, rocky columns.

One of the main historical attractions of Gabala is the defense fortress of Salbir, which lifts over the plateau. Now the remains of the fortress are represented only by fragments of walls, tower, and the gateway.

While planning your recreation scenario, find some time to visit the village of Nij — that is where Udi reside, a special ethnic group (all in all – 10,000 persons), which preserves its unique spiritual culture, its own language and traditions. Also, there is the Udi Temple in the village, built up at the turn of the XVIIth-XVIIIth centuries and restored recently.

Among other architectural and historical attractions worthy of attention one can point out the Juma mosque (located in the village of Bula), the Mausoleum of Imam-Baba, the defensive tower (of the IXth-XIth centuries). In the village of Amili you can see a real Albanian church, and the village of Khazry is visited by travelers willing to see the burial place of Sheik Mansura, Chotaary church.

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