The mountains in Gabala

The city of Gabala is comfortably situated at the gorge of mounts Tufan and Bazar-Yurt, at the foothill of the Great Caucasus. If we have made up your mind to go to Azerbaijan, and you favour extreme leisure (for instance, you like mountain skiing) or if you want to enjoy most beautiful nature of the country, you can find no better place for that than the mountains of Gabala.

The main natural attraction of Gabala area is the mountain ridge, the beginning of the gorge of mounts Bazar-Yurt and Tufan. No traveler may remain indifferent while enjoying rocky ridges, snow-white mountain tops, mountain lakes, waterfalls and rocky ridges.

The mountains in Gabala: what is there for you?

  • In the mountains there is one of the most interesting and breathtaking mountain climbing routes, the final point of which is the top of mount Bazarduzu (4,466 metres above sea level, that is the highest mountain top in the country).
  • In the vicinity of Gabala, at the slopes of Yalovlu mount there is located the village of Nij, the residents of which are Udi, direct descendants of Caucasian Albanians keeping their traditions, culture and language for centuries. Tourists can enjoy a unique architectural monument in the village – the Udi Temple, which has recently been restored and is now the functioning cult facility.

  • And, certainly, while talking about the mountains of Gabala, one cannot but mention a famous mountain skiing resort ‘Tufandag’ (on the mount of Tufan) which is located at the distance of only 4 km from the city. The summer and winter resort will offer you perfect conditions for ideal rest in the mountains: ropeways, a modern recreation centre, training mountain skiing centres, tracks for sportsmen of different level of training as well as numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels with comfortable rooms, luxurious views from the windows and high level of servicing will be there for you.

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