Events in Gabala

Gabala is one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan, attracting tourists from all over the world with its unique history reflected in architecture, natural riches. But not only that. Also, Gabala regularly hosts sports, musical events, the spectators of which could be not only the residents of the resorts but its guests as well.

One of the most interesting cultural fests of Azerbaijan (and even the whole Caucasian region) is the Gabala International Music Festival which has been held in Gabala since 2009 and has already become a nice tradition. Musicians’ performances take place in the open air: the main direction in the program is classical music performed by representatives of 16 countries of the world. Besides classical music, one can listen to modern chamber music, jazz, flamenco within the festival.

There is one more interesting tradition — the International Jam Festival, which has also been held in Gabala lately (since 2013). Besides participants from Azerbaijan, craftsman from Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Turkey, and Russia also offer their jam to taste.

Also, Gabala has its football team, which is rightfully considered to be among the strongest teams of the country. Football games are regularly held there, and stadiums are always full of fans.

Tourism in Gabala is developing actively; in particular, the city administration focuses on holding different events that could attract travelers from all over the world. Therefore, from year to year the number of festivals, fests — sports, cultural, musical ones — is increasing. Many events are becoming a nice tradition, since they gather both local residents, and guests of the resort as spectators.

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