Areas of the city of Gabala

Gabala is one of the most popular resorts of Azerbaijan. And that is no wonder: each traveler will find here something (s)he needs for an ideal vacation. Do you prefer extreme vacation? Go to ‘Tufandag’, a mountain skiing area of Gabala. Those fond of architectural and historical monuments can have a walk in the city centre and in the neighbouring villages. If you have come to have some rest with children, the largest amusement park, ‘Gabaland’, is welcoming you.

What does Gabala attract tourists with?

Gabala is the ‘pearl’ of the Gabala area, which impresses travelers with its combination of luxurious nature, unique history reflected in monuments, high level of tourist infrastructure.

The northern part of Gabala area is included into the southern slopes of the Great Caucasian ridge, while its southern part — into the foothills of Ajinohur, the central one –– the valley of Alazan-Khaftaran. Such a large territory creates all the conditions for the development of both winter and summer tourism there: turbulent rivers (Turjanchaj, Demiraparanchaj, Bum, Vandam), waterfalls (the Seven Beauties, Mujukh), horn-beech, oak, beech, chestnut woods, mineral springs — that is all just a small share of the natural riches the Gabala area is famous for.

The very city of Gabala is also of great interest for tourists: in different raions of the resort you can find plenty of historical monuments, samples of folk art. In the village of Chukhur there are ruins of the ancient city, in the village of Khazra you can find a complex of tombs, in the settlement of Nij — a necropolis.

In winter and summer the mountain ski resort ‘Tufandag’ receives tourists from all over the world — here you will have well-equipped runs for people with different levels of training, skiing outfit rent centres, sportswear shops, game rooms for children, baths, saunas, spa saloons, restaurants, a leisure centre, ropeway walks.

Both adults and children will enjoy visits to the amusement park ‘Gabaland’, which is the largest one in the country: besides merry-go-rounds for little visitors, here you will have extreme amusement rides, an aqua park, carting, a complex for rock climbers, an indoor skating rink, amusement machines.

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