Dashkesan (translated from Azerbaijanian — a cutting stone) — the town you need to visit within an excursion tour if you want to see a real mountainous Azerbaijan. Vacation here promises to be not just interesting but useful for your health.

That is an ideal place for vacation if you want to bring home not just sweet memories but improved immunity as well. One of the ‘zests’ of the town attracting tourists from all over the world as a magnet is the healing springs (‘Yumurtaly’, “Narzan’, “Giblia’, ‘Turshsu’, ‘Gaygy’).

Besides that, many healing herbs grow in the area — mountainous violets and camomiles, thyme and mallow, buttercup and daffodil, as well as orchard and forest fruits. The very forests located around the town are distinguished for exquisite beauty: willows, snowball trees, walnut, oak, horn beech, hazelnut — these are just some of the trees you can see here.

The mountains of Dashkesan have been used for decades and even centuries as pastures. There are quite a few historical monuments in the territory of the town and in the vicinity — that is the XVth century Chirchavend church (in the village of Bayan), that is the XIXth century bridge across the river of Gushharachayi, that is the fortress ‘Geychelilar Yurdu’ in the village of Amirvar, that is... Well, it would take very long to mention the whole list, it is much easier and much more interesting to come here on your own and have a look at all this beauty with your own eyes, breathe in the air full of not just oxygen, but the energy of the distant past as well.