The Sights Of Baku

Baku is one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan, and if you happen to come here, you need to visit as many tourist attractions as possible. There are so many architectural and historical monuments here that you will definitely not be bored.

Baku — what is there to see?

Baku stands for the sea and the sun, for winding streets of the Old City and skyscrapers, modern boutiques and colourful historical and architectural monuments glittering in hundreds of lights: if you want to see Azerbaijan as it is in real life, go there.

The first on the list of the sights one should visit has to be the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. Already the very road to the Palace deserves careful attention since it will go through the Old City. As far as the Palace is concerned, that is a former residence of the Shirvan rulers, the construction of which was launched when the capital of the state of the Shirvanshahs was relocated to Baku from Shamakhi. Here one may speak not just about a separate building, but about a whole complex of monuments of history and architecture — these are baths, water reservoirs, a shrine, a mosque (built in 1441), a sepulchre, mausoleum of the scholar Seyid Yahya Bakuvi, and the palace itself has 52 rooms. Of interest is the fact that the palace complex produces a limited artistic impression, in spite of the fact that the main buildings were built in different periods.

Among modern tourist attractions particularly outstanding is the Baku TV tower which is the 34th in the rating of the highest TV towers in the world. You can not just enjoy the tower, but reach its top — there is a viewing ground, besides that, at the height of 175 metres there is a restaurant: here you will have a perfect panorama of the city and perfect cuisine.

The Maiden Tower is the symbol of Baku. In ancient times it served as the lighthouse, now this is a viewing point of the city, which opens up a perfect panorama view. That is an important component of the coastal ‘façade’ of the city. The date of the tower construction is not known exactly (approximately the XIIth century). In 1964 the tower became the museum and was opened for tourists, in 2000 it was placed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Art connoisseurs should visit the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Azerbaijan. The very building in itself is a monument of architecture, and cultural agenda here is very intensive.

Finally, one more tourist sight worthy of attention is located not in Baku, but in its suburbs, but you will not be sorry for the time spent on the way. Here we speak about the Gobustan reserve, in the territory of which rock paintings from the primeval epoch are still preserved (they are under UNESCO’s protection).

The above list is not an exhaustive list of Baku’s tourist attractions, there is also Icherishekher (the Old City which is worth seeing), the Towers of Fire. Generally, a trip to Baku promises to be exciting and extremely interesting … Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can see today!