The event in Baku

Baku is not just the capital of Azerbaijan, but a city where all the cultural life of the country is concentrated. Annually there take place plenty of sports and cultural events to which tourists from all over the world keep coming. To what event would you like to go?

Baku is the city in the development of which special attention is paid to the issues of attracting tourists. And here one means not just cleanness in the streets, maintenance of historical and architectural monuments in good condition, not just a perfectly developed tourist infrastructure, but different events held there annually. And the range of topics is very wide:

  • These are sports games. A bright example — the Islamic Solidarity Games, with performances of and competitions among sportsmen in the field of gymnastics and free callisthenics, volleyball and athletics, swimming and many others;
  • These are cultural events. So, already for the second year in a row musical festival ‘Zhara’ (‘The Heat’) is going to be organized in Baku, and within it several tens of showmen well-known far beyond Azerbaijan, Russia will have their performances;
  • This is racing. Baku was chosen as the place for a stage of the European Grand Prix, and it is already not for the first year that fans from all over the world keep coming here to support their favourite pilots.

When we watch quick and active development of Baku, it becomes clear — every year the number of events is going to be on the rise, which means that there will appear more and more reasons for coming to this city.