The best beaches in Baku

Do you like beach vacation? We offer you Baku as an option. In Baku there are no functioning beaches, but there are plenty of architectural and historical monuments, all the cultural life of the country is concentrated here, while the best beaches of Azerbaijan are close at hand.

On the best Baku beaches

By Baku beaches one means the beaches located close to the capital of Azerbaijan.

One of the most attractive sights for tourists is the Absheron peninsula, with its respectable beaches. That is a paradise with blue cool water and white sand, these are night clubs and luxurious cottage settlements, these are fashionable hotels and original cuisine — well, everything is there on the Absheron peninsula for a perfect beach vacation. And quite recently ‘Jumeirah’ hotel construction has been completed there — it is a counterpart of the hotel in Dubai with a similar style and luxury, but attracting tourists with more affordable prices.

If you are not interested in having just a comfortable beach vacation, and you would like to see as few people around you as possible, go to a little-known settlement of Bilgah, where Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel (12 ha) construction has been completed recently. Here you will have golden sand, transparent water, high level of servicing and affordable prices.

If you ask local residents for the best beach, they will most probably send you to Amburan resort, which is considered to be the best among residents. Beaches are clean there, but to be paid for (the cost per day varies from 300 to 700 roubles depending on the beach). You will get everything necessary for comfortable rest for your money.

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