Photo of the city of Baku

Baku is the ‘heart’ of Azerbaijan, the city, which fully reflects the nature of the country, preserves its history. Besides, that is a very nice city with unique architecture, therefore you may bring home from your vacation not just sweet memories, but bright, colourful photos.

It is difficult to imagine a contemporary tourist without a camera. Baku offers everything for your memories from your vacation spent in Azerbaijan to be fit into a decent frame — colourful photos amidst unique architecture, historical monuments and just nice landscapes.

Where do we go in Baku to make nice photos?

The easiest, but at the same time most showy solution is to make pictures in the background of historical and architectural monuments. There are plenty of them in Baku, starting with the famous Palace of the Shirvanshahs, the Maiden Tower and up to sculptures on the Fountains Square.

Perfect photos can be made in the background of natural landscapes. For example, you can make perfect pictures on the alley of cacti, located in the coastal park.

If you need unique, amusing photos...just have a look to the sides. If there are roads being repaired somewhere, you may consider that you have found a ready idea for a photo — small guys are used for marking the borders of repairs line in Baku, and you may have a picture side by side with them.

Use your imagination by 100%, and you can add plenty of interesting, bright photos to your home photo album (computer file).