Cities for tourism

Have you decided to go and have some rest in Azerbaijan? 77 cities and towns with popular sights, 64 raions and 257 urban settlements are here for you. And everywhere they are waiting for you, they will offer you ideal conditions for a holiday.

Baku with its magnificent Maiden Tower, Gabala, a historical capital of the once glorious Caucasian Albania, Gyanja, which is called the city of treasures, romantic Shamakhi, the dancers from which A. S. Pushkin was writing about... Azerbaijan is happy about every guest, it impresses, enslaves you with its unique beauty, lures and makes you fall in love with it.

What will you find in Azerbaijan?

It would not be an exaggeration to tell that the ‘Land of Fires’ is the centre of cultural centres and parks, palaces and museums, theatres and fountains. Each city and raion of the country will offer you perfect conditions for ideal rest: numerous hotels and sanatoria, both inexpensive and exclusive ones; excursions, during which you will get acquainted with historical monuments, with peculiarities of the architecture of edifices, with the beauty of local nature; a wide spectrum of entertainment activities starting with beach holiday up to mountaineering.

If you are willing to get acquainted with Azerbaijan most closely, do not forget about such cities as:

Baku. The oldest and one of the largest cities of the Orient — its population exceeds 2 mln. people. Here you will see the Flame Towers, Icheri Sheher (the city raion filmed in ‘The Diamond Arm’), the Baku Boulevard. The symbol of Baku is  the Maiden Tower, built in the XIIth century: the tower originally functioned as a lighthouse, today it is an observation platform which offers a wonderful view of the city. Explore the Palace of the Shirvanshahs which is the heart of the Old Town – a unique architectural complex including tombs, mosques, water reservoirs, baths.

Gobustan. A famous historical and archaeological reserve which can be called an open air museum of history. It is located 60 km from Baku – a trip here is offered by many tour operators at reasonable prices. Tourists from all over the world come here to see the cave paintings, images of people and animals, ancient inscriptions – some of the oldest traces of man on the earth. By the way, the drawings and inscriptions are protected by UNESCO.

Gabala. Also called Zahar, it is the ancient capital of the Caucasian Albania. Travelers will appreciate the pleasant climate and the large number of mosques, churches, towers, mausoleums, monuments that will make your trip not only enjoyable but also informative. The nature of the city is unique: Gabala is famous for its chestnut and walnut woods – in spring flowering trees are an extremely beautiful, fascinating spectacle. The main beauty of Gabala raion is the beginning of the gorge of the mount of Tufan, a mountain range: admire narrow gorges, snow-white mountain peaks, rocky ridges.

Sheki. An ancient town founded in the VIIIth century B.C. Over nearly three thousand years of its history the city ‘acquired’ lots of attractions – you can see the Omar Effendi and Juma mosques, the Minaret of Gileyli Mosque, Lower and Upper Caravanserais, the Palace of Shaki Khans and many other interesting historical and architectural monuments.

Guba. One of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan. Here are the Cathedral Mosque and the Ardabil Mosques of the XIXth century. Guba also has a beautiful nature: in the area there are more than 100 rivers and small springs, the water in most of which is so pure that you can drink it. On the river of Vyalvyalyachay the Afurjin waterfall is located, this waterfall is on the ‘Natural Monuments of  Azerbaijan’ list. 

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