Azerbaijan is a country that fascinates

AzerbaijanTrips is the source of the most reliable information about Azerbaijan. AzerbaijanTrips is a source of the most reliable information about Azerbaijan. We scrupulously visited all the resorts, popular attractions and places of interest in Azerbaijan. We will never provide you with misleading information. For this purpose, we make informational videos demonstrating where and how you can get the maximum of fantastic impressions.


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Absheron Excursion

A trip along the central and eastern part of Absheron peninsula will acquaint you with historical and architectural monuments as well as natural geographical objects of this amazing place. You will visit Yanardag mountain, which has been burning for several millennia, attend the Temple of fire-worshipers Ateshgah, and the museum complex with artifacts dating from the third millennium BC. You will examine the cultural heritage and sights of the archaeological and ethnographic Gala complex museum dedicated to the history of Absheron peninsula. You will also get acquainted with the ancient dwellings of the medieval inhabitants of Azerbaijan, see stone and clay-straw houses, old blacksmiths, pottery workshops, a bakery and other objects of cultural heritage. Many of the monuments were brought to the museum from different parts of the country, restored or recreated. On the premises of Gala, there are exhibits of ancient artifacts of everyday life and ornaments. All exhibits are of great historical value.

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Night tour of Baku

Nighttime Baku is a unique phenomenon of urban illumination of incredible proportions, a striking effect where the deeper the night – the brighter the city! Be sure to visit a night excursion when you are here. You will see the whole panorama of the city on your palm, admiring the spectacular view from the height of the Upland Park. City fountains, museums, mosques, park areas, squares and boulevards, modern buildings and architectural monuments will appear in a completely different light.

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Welcome to Azerbaijan!


Azerbaijan is a historically and culturally rich country with numerous architectural monuments, old buildings, museums, ancient mosques, nature reserves, parks and a highly developed tourist destination. Each city preserves its centuries-old history; local residents value, revere and take pride in this history.

Recently, more and more tourists from all over the world choose the resorts of Azerbaijan for comfortable recreation or fascinating travel. This trend is completely justified. Apart from delightful cultural, historical and natural attractions, the country offers a huge variety of first-class hotels, beach areas, numerous entertainment facilities and various services.

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Azerbaijani cuisine is delicious as well as beautiful

Cooking in Azerbaijan is an art honed to an amazing taste. The local cuisine abounds in piquant dishes and relies on an amazing variety of recipes with spices and herbs. They add a note of seductive flavors to the taste.

A true marvel is dushbara (soup made with small pelmeni), dolma (rice with meat and onion in grape leaves), qutab (meat with greenery rolled in dough) and of course the famous Azerbaijani pilaf with saffron, chestnuts and raisins, bozbash, kalah-pacha, dovga, piti. The love of meat recipes gave rise to such table delicacies as saj (tender veal with an abundance of vegetables), bosartma (chicken soup), traditional lyulya-kebab, kizartmma, basturma, dolma, kufta, taydir toyug. As for drinks, the popular ones include sherbet, ayran, bulama, doshab, shoshab, iskayandzhebi. Local sweet treats are just as various. The most popular ones include shekbeur, baklava, sheker-churek, Baku kurabe, nan, kyata, tykhma, kyulcha, mutaki, Sheki halva and countless varieties of jam. Local residents are particularly fond of tea, which is considered a symbol of hospitality and respect.

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Amazingly beautiful nature of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an amazingly beautiful part of the world full of unusual natural contrasts. There are majestic mountains, plains, alpine meadows, beautiful forests, steep slopes, gorges and canyons. Nature has bestowed this area with 9 of the 11 existing climatic zones. As a result, in Azerbaijan you can simultaneously visit snowy peaks of the mountains, descend to alpine meadows, enjoy the spring scent of forest lands and soak up the sunshine on the beaches of the sea coast.

The natural mountain forest landscape of Guba, Gabala, and Sheki districts is particularly delightful. While the attractions of the Tengealty canyon, the Tenga gorge, the famous Geshresh forest, the Yeddi Gozel and the Afurdzhyn waterfalls, Gobustan nature reserve and the picturesque Caucasus mountains will make a unique impression on you.

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These beautiful places make you fall in love with this place forever

The city of Gabala, nicknamed “Azerbaijani Switzerland”, is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan and a frequently visited tourist destination. Breathtaking natural attractions, picturesque forests, chestnut and walnut groves, rivers, lakes and numerous architectural monuments surround the ancient city all around.

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Amazing open-air museum

There are 1200 mud volcanoes in the world, 387 of them are situated in Azerbaijan. The country is home to the highest mud volcano in the world Dyurar-Kolany and the most active one – Lokbatan. Over the past 200 years, it has erupted 57 times. Large and small mud volcanoes in the southeastern part of the highland are located in the Gobustan reserve.

The Gobustan reserve zone is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage and is one of the most haunting localities of Azerbaijan. There are flat rocky peaks Beyukdash, Kichikdash and Jingirdag, the hill of Yazili. It was here that over 6,000 rock paintings, images, inscriptions, 20 sites of the cave people of the Neolithic period, 40 ancient burial mounds, as well as an extinct volcano in the Dashgyn mountain area and active volcano Dashgil were discovered. In the vicinity of Böyükdash mountain, there is a small museum and an excursion path leading to the main rock carvings and stone inscriptions in Latin.

Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort – beach entertainment area

The resort complex is located in Mardakan, away from noise and dust, on one of the best beaches in the country and has the largest aqua zone in Azerbaijan with a huge water park. The infrastructure of the complex includes numerous pools of different depths, water slides, a children’s club with a swimming pool, a sports pool for surfing with the wave, a VIP pool, a nightclub, restaurants and bars. Besides, it offers a variety of entertainments, including the parachute, scooter, banana boat, seabob, fly-fish, play-board, mabel, ringo. Dalga Beach provides all conditions for an excellent active vacation.

Amburan Beach Club – a quiet beach holiday on the coast of the Caspian Sea

Amburan Beach Club is located in Bilgah, in 20 minutes of drive from the center of Baku and is one of the best resort beach zones in Azerbaijan. The rich infrastructure of the complex includes a private sandy beach, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, mini-cinema and karaoke. Sports grounds include a field for football, volleyball, a pool for water polo, darts, and dances. Animators of the club regularly conduct various entertainment programs. Every evening, there are concerts of local and foreign pop-stars. Amburan Beach Club is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday on the shore of the beautiful Caspian Sea.

Baku is a modern city with a medieval coloring.

Baku is an amazing city with a unique architecture, history, customs and traditions. It is the capital of Azerbaijan, a big industrial, economic and cultural center of the country. Located in the southern part of Apsheron peninsula, on the Caspian Sea shore, Baku is considered one of the best seaside resorts. A huge number of popular attractions, monuments, palaces, museums, temples, mosques and ancient buildings store the great heritage of the centuries-old history of the Azerbaijani people.