Any resorts of Azerbaijan are ready to offer their guests high-quality comfortable holidays: that may well be eco-tourism, active leisure pastime or a traditional beach holiday. Among the four resort areas the country’s territory can relatively be pided into, you will easily find the best variant for you.

Azerbaijan is a large country in the territory of which we have mountains and seas, woods and swamps side by side, infrastructurally developed megapolises and large inhabited settlements where the traditions of ancestors are highly respected. Therefore, while going to Azerbaijan you can choose the leisure time scenario that you like the most. Relatively speaking, in the ‘Land of Fires’ four resort areas are pointed out: the Caspian Sea coast, Small Caucasus, Greater Caucasus, Nakhchivan, which differ by climate, treatment factors and so on.

Greater Caucasus

That’s a perfect choice if you are interested in traditional beach rest. The climate here is warm and dry: in July-August the temperature here is within the range from +20°С to +25°С. Besides a pleasant climate, you will be offered a wide spectrum of recreation services: while having some rest in this resort area tourists will personally make sure of the magnificent effect of sulphide mineral waters (in Shamakhi, Ismail raions), hydrocarbon sodium-potassium-magnesium waters (the Kara-Alty resort).

Small Caucasus

One can also boast of the availability of mineral water deposits — carbon, thermal ones. Besides that, the resort area of the Small Caucasus is also famous for its naphthalan oil. Finally, the recreation procedures also include climate therapy.

The Caspian Sea coast

Here the most well-known resorts of the country are located: the Absheron peninsula, Lankaran-Astaryn area, Khudat-Jalamino coastal area. Tourists will have beaches comfortable for swimming, its iodium-bromine mineral springs, mud of the salty lake of Masazyr, thermal waters, volcano muds.


The main part of Nakhchivan (about 75%) is located at the height of over 1,000 metres, and this determines recreational services in this region of Azerbaijan. Carbon mineral waters constitute the basis for resort resources of the locality.

Regardless of what resort area of Azerbaijan you choose for leisure time, you can be sure that you will enjoy the nature of the land, the variety of its historical, cultural, architectural sights, reserves and so on.

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