The Caspian Sea is a pearl of natural sights of Azerbaijan. A holiday on the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan stands for healing salty water, unique natural landscapes, plenty of interesting architectural and historical sights, a well-developed tourist infrastructure. If you are interested in eco-tourism, a quiet holiday, the Caspian Sea is a perfect option for you.

Clean beaches, mild climate, plenty of entertainment and recreation programs, comfortable rooms in hotels and sanatoria, tasty dishes of local cuisine — all this taken together or separately attracts tourists from the whole world to Azerbaijan. If you have not had any vacation on the Caspian Sea resorts, it is high time that you repair this mistake.

The Caspian Sea, in fact, is a unique, only closed salty lake in the world. This water reservoir is called sea only because its floor is made up of the oceanic-type crust of earth.

Over the whole period of its existence the Caspian Sea has had about 70 names — with different nations and tribes: it was called the Girkan Sea, Dzhudzhan, Khvalyn, Khazar, Abeskun, Saray, Derbent, Mazenderan Sea.

The sea is located in three climatic areas: that is a moderate, continental zone, and a subtropical one. The area of the Caspian Sea makes up 371,000 sq. m., its maximum depth is 1,025 metres. The length of the coast is about 6,500 km, and if we include islands this figure reaches 7,000 km.

The Caspian Sea is a real Eden for fishermen. 101 fish species are now registered in the Caspian Sea. One should also point out that it is here that the main part of the world reserves of sturgeon, pike perch, roach, carp is concentrated. In the Caspian Sea there also are carp, anchovy, bream, mullet, perch, pike, salmon, only in the Caspian Sea you will find the most precious white sturgeon.

The largest city-port of the Caspian Sea is Baku located in the southern part of the Absheron peninsula. Among other large pre-Caspian cities of Azerbaijan there can be pointed out Sumhait in the northern part of the Absheron peninsula, Lankaran (close to the southern border of Azerbaijan).

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