The Caspian Sea washes Azerbaijan to the east — and it is in the east of the country that Azerbaijanian resorts most attractive for tourists are located. If you are interested in beach, eco-tourism, choose a holiday at the Caspian Coast, you will not feel sorry for that.

One may get to the majority of resorts of the Caspian Coast in Azerbaijan from Baku. You can go to the capital of the country from Moscow by plane. In fact, regular flights to Baku are available not only from Moscow, but from Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod as well.

What should one know about the Caspian Sea resorts

Azerbaijan is located within the same latitude range as the French Cot d’Azure, Italy. The impact of continental climate shows itself in a clear change of seasons: in winter it is rather cold here (at that time there is an inflow of tourists at ski resorts of the country, ‘Tufandag’, ‘Shahdag’), while summer here is dry and hot (the temperature may reach +40°C). If you are going on holiday to Azerbaijan to sunbathe and to swim in the sea, arrange your vacation for the period from May to October.


The tourist infrastructure in the Caspian Coast resorts is developing very actively: all the conditions for a perfect holiday of different groups of tourists have been created — these are numerous excursion programs, active leisure, recreation programs, family entertainment programs and many others. Thus, if you are interested not just in a nice suntan, but you would like to come to know something interesting and informative about the country, choose the resorts of the Absheron peninsula: it is here that Baku with its Maiden Tower, Caravanserais, the Juma mosque, the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs is located.


If you also want to improve your health during your holiday, go to the settlement of Nabran (close to Hudat), where sulphurous springs come from the ground and relict woods are located close to the beaches. In Nabran, in the vicinity of the settlement there have been built a great number of recreation houses, private hotels, inexpensive tourist resorts, so there will be no problem with choosing your housing.


The Lankaran resort is also of interest for travelers, it may boast of availability of a great number of healing springs as well as plenty of interesting historical, architectural and cultural sights.

On the site of Azerbaijan Trips you will find information about all the resorts of the country, both coastal and mountainous ones. Also you can book an air ticker with us, book a hotel room or purchase an ‘All Inclusive’ tour’ — quickly, easily, inexpensively.