Azerbaijan is a cultural centre of Asia, with the richest history, unique culture attracting tourists from all over the world. Azerbaijan is the centre of Zoroastrianism and fire worshiping, these are natural sights included into the UNESCO’s World Heritage list, this is unique architecture. In short, that is a real finding for those fond of informative-recreational-entertaining tourism.

One can speak about the sights of Azerbaijan for hours: there are several thousands of architectural, cultural, historical monuments on the territory of the country, and each of them is worth paying attention to. Definitely, during one trip you cannot see every place of interest in Azerbaijan. But is it not a good reason for coming back here again and again?

What do we start our acquaintance with Azerbaijan with?

It does not matter that much to what country you are going, it is better to start getting familiarized with it from the capital — usually, it is here that the main part of sights is located. Azerbaijan in not a exception in this sense: by the number of monuments of architecture Baku can surpass a lot of European capitals. ‘The Baku Acropolis’, the old part of Baku is a museum in the open air, and it is better to spend at least two days here getting acquainted with it.

Make sure you visit the Gobustan reserve which is located at the distance of 70 km from the capital of Azerbaijan. Gobustan stands not just for picturesque nature, rich flora and fauna, but mud volcanoes, rock pictures made by primitive people.

One should include into the list places that need to be visited, as well as the Zoroastrian temple complex of the Ateshgah fire worshipers.

After the capital and its outskirts one may start expanding the map of one’s presence in Azerbaijan: go to Guba, the capital of the Cuba khanate — here you will come across perfect mosques, the XVIth century foretress, shops with famous carpets.

In Shaki (close to the border on Georgia) you can have a look at the Palace of the Shaki Khans, Caravanserais, in Ordubad you will find medieval edifices being a part of the historical and architectural reserve, the mount of Gemigaya with rock hieroglyphs (located at the distance of 60 km from Ordubad).

Vouchers to Azerbaijan from Azerbaijan Trips

One may keep enumerating the attractions of Azerbaijanа for a long time, but it is definitely better to see them personally. With our assistance you will easily organize a perfect holiday in the ‘Land of Fires’ — book air tickets, hotel rooms, buy excursion tours. Make your holiday look the way you would like it to be.