If you are looking for a country of a comfortable holiday, Azerbaijan is right what you need. On our site you will find information about popular Azerbaijan resorts, cities, excursions, cultural and historical sights which are worth seeing, dishes worth tasting...

The country of old traditions and unique culture

A favourable geographical location of Azerbaijan has contributed to the development of the Great Silk Way: this country, being the ‘gates’ between the rich Europe and mysterious China, was developing rapidly — foreign merchants moving past Azerbaijan cities could buy a lot of useful goods, starting with refined jewelry and up to luxurious carpets here. Azerbaijan is a ‘pearl’ of the Caucasus bordering on Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Armenia and Iran, and washed by the Caspian Sea to the east.

The geography of the country is unique: there are mountains and hills, seas, rivers and planes — over eight thousand rivers fall into the Caspian Sea, and the mountains take 50% of the country’s territory. Ski resorts, ‘Shahdag’ and ‘Tufandag’, located on the highest places of Azerbaijan’s territory, are known all over the world, and offer the best of the best to their guests — a perfect service, a wide choice of entertainment, a customized approach.

Climate deserves special attention: transition one – from moderate to subtropical. In the summer on the planes the temperature is comfortable: from about + 25 ° C, and in the mountains - + 5 ° C, so regardless of where you decide to have rest, sunbathing on the hospitable beaches of Azerbaijan or trying your hand at extreme climbing on the slopes, the pleasure of relaxation is guaranteed.

The population is about 10 million people. Add to that a few million tourists a year, attracted by cheap excursions, a wide choice of active leisure pastime activities (fishing, hunting, equipped skiing slopes), family resorts, plenty of monuments, museums, fountains, palaces, and get the most complete picture.

Booking rooms in hotels and accommodation

Azerbaijan is famous worldwide for its cordiality. Tourism and hotel business in the country is still being developed, but already today it can offer everyone a comfortable environment for a perfect holiday.

More than 300 hotels in the country, both expensive VIP hotels, and economy class hotels, host tourists and travelers from all over the world. The largest resorts, motels, hotels are located in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, as well as in other major cities. Most hotels offer travelers not only comfortable rooms, but also a high level of service – equipped rooms for business workshops, gyms and swimming pools, bars and restaurants.

Entertainment and leisure

In summer the coast of the Caspian Sea is waiting for you. Here you can not only enjoy the sun, but fans of active beach recreation can go surfing or take a sailboat trip. The best beach resorts in the country are located on the Absheron peninsula.

The cultural component of recreation programs is also very perse: you can order a group sightseeing bus tour and get acquainted with the most popular attractions of the country over a short time span, or you can book an inpidual historical tour, or, for instance, exotic sightseeing tour and bring home a lot of vivid impressions and colorful photos. Among the attractions worthy of your close attention there should be pointed out the Maiden Tower, Gobustan, the architecture of the ‘old city’ of Baku, the Gala Reserve, the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs.

If you want to get acquainted with the culture of Azerbaijan, do not miss the opportunity to visit theaters, museums and cinemas of the country, as well as to become a guest of special events which are organized for tourists.

Health-improving holidays in the ‘Land of Fires’ are a great opportunity to not only recharge your batteries before the next trip, but also improve your immune system, get rid of many diseases. Treatment in sanatoria of Azerbaijan is done in accordance with ancient traditions, using modern technologies that enable to achieve the best results.

Culinary tours will not leave any gourmet indifferent. You will learn all about the features of Azerbaijan dishes, taste famous oriental sweets. And if you're lucky enough, you will bring some interesting recipes home after your holiday.

Hunters and fishing enthusiasts can have a great time visiting the hunting and fishing entities of of Azerbaijan.

Inpidual or corporate holiday from Azerbaijan Trips

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Azerbaijan has a unique nature. From the west coast of the Caspian Sea to the eastern part of the South Caucasus, from Trans-Caucasian highlands in the south to mountain massifs of the Greater Caucasus in the north, every region has its distinctive climate and natural features. When the Sun shines brightly and tropical flowers bloom in Lankaran, snow may lie on the slopes of Lerik District just a few kilometers away. The arid steppes of the Absheron Peninsula are just an hour away from the shady woods of Khizi District.


Climate in Azerbaijan is largely determined by the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest landlocked lake located 26.75 meters below ocean level. The Caspian is deeper than the Adriatic, Aegean, Tyrrhenian and other seas. Caspian waters are famous for an abundance of valuable fish species such beluga, stellate sturgeon, salmon, Black Sea roach, pike perch. The country is crossed by a dense network of rivers. Azerbaijan has 250 lakes with fresh and salt water and 8.400 large and small rivers. Of these, 850 are more than 10km  long. Only 24 rivers are over 100 km long. The largest rivers are the Kura and Aras.


Azerbaijan’s flora is a source of pride and care for its people. Of the total number of plants common in the Caucasus, the vast majority can be found in Azerbaijan. These include 4,500 species, of which about 240 are endemic. For example, the Karabakh tulip, the Caspian saffron, Camilla, the Eldar pine and many others grow only there.


You can find a well-developed network of protected natural areas in Azerbaijan. About 300,000 hectares, i.e. more than 10 percent of all its land, is covered by 8 national parks inhabited by over 12,000 animals species. The plains are home to hares, wolves, foxes, jackals and gazelles. The valleys of the Kura and Aras are inhabited by wild boars, toe deer and badgers. In the mountains you can find red deer, Dagestan tours, chamois, bezoar goats, Caucasian brown bears, bobcats, wild cats, mouflons and even leopards which successfully breed in the local conditions. Azerbaijan is a true paradise for bird watchers. In addition to partridges, grouses, pheasants, ducks and swans, there are rare bird species. There is widespread waterfowl which migrates for the winter: pelicans, herons, flamingos, cormorants.


Azerbaijan has long been a venue for various international meetings, sporting events, symposia and festivals. In 2012, Baku hosted the “Eurovision” and in 2015 it became the venue of the first European games in history. In 2016, the World Chess Olympiad, the European Grand Prix in “Formula 1” were held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The competition of athletes from countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will be held in 2017. The Baku International Jazz Festival has been bringing together the world’s best musicians for many years. Very popular with fans of classical music is the International Music Festival in Gabala held since 2009 but even more popular in Azerbaijan are folk holidays which are no inferior in scale to the Venetian Carnival or the Moscow Shrovetide. 


Azerbaijan has an enormous potential for spa treatment. It has mineral springs with unique healthy waters. The country is also renowned for mud volcanoes. Azerbaijan has the world's only resort where treatment is carried out using Naftalan, an oil that has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasodilating action. Lerik city has more than 50 people centenarians. Nature in Azerbaijan has clean rivers, cool canopy of the forests and healthy food acts as a healer here.


Fast mountain rivers with steep rifts are the perfect place for rafting and kayaking. The country's topographic features are best suited for those venturing to conquer mountain roads in jeeps or ATVs. Equally popular in Azerbaijan are climbing and mountaineering. Special routes have been designed for those fond of extremes. Diving is also rapidly evolving in Azerbaijan, as people dive both offshore and in beautiful and clear lakes in the highlands.


Baku is more than 2000 years old. Its Oriental charm organically blends with a modern city style of magnificent buildings designed by the world's best architects. The Baku Bay is bordered by a wide boulevard - one of the biggest in Europe and rising from it in the shape of an amphitheater are ultra-modern skyscrapers and buildings traditionally lined with cream-colored Absheron limestone. Thanks to the abundance of this wonderful stone Baku shines day and night, as if justifying its ancient name of the "land of fire”. The heart of Baku is the Old City. It is a historical and architectural reserve located in the center of the capital. It consists of the oldest part of the city surrounded by fortress walls. Old city  is the home of the Palace of Shirvanshahs, caravanserais, baths, mosques and the Maiden Tower, the iconic symbol of Baku. Old city and the Palace is included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.