Confidentiality policy

Below is the Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) of Azerbaijantrips.com s.r.o company (hereinafter referred to as the Company), which refers to any data obtained or provided by the Company via the site. We pay special attention to preservation of confidentiality of the data about our Clients. We realize that payment for different services, online booking via our site presupposes the Client’s trust in us, therefore, we do our best to justify this trust. Below you can get acquainted with the information on what methods of ensuring confidentiality are used by our Company. If you disagree with any Policy provisions, we recommend you to abstain from working with our site.

1. Data collection

We collect and store all the data put by the Client on the site. Thanks to that data we can identify you and offer you the highest level of service. Your name, family name, mail address and other data are necessary for online booking of products and services, for registration on our site, for communication with the consultants. In case working with the Company’s site you use information about the third parties (for example, you book a room in a hotel), get the consent of the third person to that, since in future changes in his/her data or viewing it will be accessible only via your record entry in your Personal Account. Also, we identify IP-address, browser type, data about your activity, bookings made, tourist products looked through — this is all done to provide you with as high-quality servicing as possible.

2. Data usage

All the data collected by us is used to register booking, transfer booking data to our partners (air ticket offices, hotels) to send a booking confirmation to you. Also, the data is used to work with the record entry, to get in touch with you, to detect fraud or any other illegal actions.

3. Data transfer

With your permission and under certain circumstances, the Company shall be entitled to transfer information about its Clients:

  • To partners. Before you give consent to transfer of your data to the third parties, we recommend you to get acquainted with the partners’ Confidentiality Policy. We do not control their Policies. Take it into account that partners may ask you for some additional data;
  • To the third parties (for example, if there are doubts as to legitimacy of your actions). The third parties get only the data necessary to fulfill their functions, and they shall use the same data protection means as the Company does.

4. Data disclosure

In case there arises one of the below situations, the Company shall be entitled to disclose the Clients’ data:

  • In case of summons to court, to ensure legal rights and to protection of the Company against claims filed by Clients, in any cases when disclosure is envisaged by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • To protect the Company against illegal actions taken against it, to protect the rights of both the Company, its website, site users;
  • In case of the Company sales. In this case the Client gets a notice to his/her mail and may get acquainted with the new Policy and decide whether (s)he agrees to it or not. In any case, if it is necessary to disclose your data, you will be informed about it beforehand and will be able to prevent the disclosure.

5. Cookies

Files cookies do not identify the client personally and cannot bring harm to computers. We use them to make our site more convenient and efficient for you, to offer you the services meeting your interests.

6. References to the third sites

We offer references to the third sites and reserve the right to inform Clients about the services and products of the third parties. Attempting to visit an alien site or buy a product from the third parties, bear in mind that the present Policy is not valid in relation to your cooperation with the third parties. Get acquainted with the Policy of the third sites and make decision on the basis of it.

7. Confidentiality and safety 

We provide your data only to the Company’s employees whose duty performance requires information about you — and only within the scope in which it is necessary. We take all the necessary technical and procedural steps to prevent loss, illegal use of data, unauthorized access to information and its dissemination.

8. Access and data viewing

In the Personal Account via the record entry you can look through your personal data. If necessary, you may remove your record entry, sending the corresponding message to the Company’s electronic address (in a special form). Take it into account that after the entry is removed, you can no longer enter our site using the removed login and look through the data this record entry contains. In any moment you may create a new record entry or restore the old one.

9. Changes in the Confidentiality Policy

The Company reserves the right to introduce changes into the Policy published on the site. We shall inform about changes in the Policy through placement of timely notification on the site.