Ilkin Hasanov

Founder of the company, develops the overall project strategy and controls the main aspects of the company’s operations. His experience in marketing, brand and business strategy development acquired earlier in business has helped him develop the project www.azerbaijantrips.com.

Nariman Muradov

Director and co-founder of the company Azerbaijantrips.com. Arranges all the work in Azerbaijan, in particular, transfers, tours, accommodation and all other issues. He will make your stay in azerbaijan unforgettable.

Igor Slavitsky

The head of the department of excursion services, an expert on tourism in Azerbaijan. The impressions that our dear guests receive which is most importantly depends on him. Igor makes excursion programs and tours so that after a holiday in Azerbaijan, they will want to come back again and again.

Seymur Aliyev

Manager for work involving individual and group tours. He is also the corporate manager of our company. Purposeful, responsible, and organized, Seymur is a talented and creative employee. He works constantly to increase his professionalism, and always strives to achieve the best result.

Togrul Hasanov

Our professional photographer and videographer. Thanks to his ability to focus on beauty, we can see wonderful photos and video materials of our glorious country.
You will also get acquainted with the natural beauty of Azerbaijan on our site.

Tural Aliyev

Tural is a cross-platform software developer with 8+ years of experience.

Renat Kalimulin

Chief programmer in organizing the functioning of the site www.azerbaijantrips.com. He is responsible for technical implementation of the project.

Ivan Rogovchenko

UX / UI Designer. Experience in the design and design of the site for more than 6 years. The main task: to properly match the tasks of the business and the needs of the buyer in a working interface.

Pavel Kostianitsa

Manager of projects dealing with site promotion on the Internet. The leading specialist in search promotion (SEO). www.mosseo.ru

Zemfira Melikova

Art director of the project for advertising.